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Lets talk crazy for a second

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Aug 8, 2016
If you could get your hands on a 14 core Xeon 3.0ghz Broadwell processor... Could you toss it in a X99 mobo and put a decent GFX card in it for 1440p gaming? I'm seeing dx12 and Vulkan will take advantage of more cores and frankly this should make checking my email and reading forums like a billion times faster.
If the board supports Xeon CPUs, yes. If not, no.

You would never see a difference for forum use and checking email.
you will see the difference during cold winters ...
but for that amd is better........................

the only things that I have found that speeds up interweb browsing are a faster connection, a gigabit router and killing the multi media on the pages.
you will see the difference during cold winters ...
Or not.. considering the difference in wattage. 91W for skylake, 140W for Haswell/BW-e, and this chip is 110W.

Anyway, if the board supports it, you can do it. :)
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I've seen threads that appeared to be jokes with much dumber questions turn out to be someone actually asking, I assume it is serious unless stated otherwise.

You assumed someone thought it was possible to check an email or surf the web 1,000,000,000 times faster than normal because of a 3ghz processor? Really....

The humor in a joke is not having to be told something is a joke. At least others got it.