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Lets talk HP Panaflo

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Dec 26, 2000
Does any one have any personal experience with the HP Panaflo orb. I am thinking of picking one up on ebay to put with my duron 600. But by looking at it and the mounting hardware (4 screws) don't know if it will fit. Currently have a alpha 6035 and haven't been impressed with this. Do you think will get better if I go with this HSF? Currently get 41c/45c @ 950 and want to improve this to bring it up to 1gig. I do have case fans and have cleaned and reapplied the grease but no improvement. Would like to stay with aircool and keep as quiet as possible.
As impressive a device as the HP Panaflo is, stay with the 6035. It will serve you just fine on a Duron.
If you want to get those temps down more, try lowering the temp inside your case.

The HP panaflo's are awsome, a close friend of mine has one. The replaced a PEP66 with it on his A7V and he loves it. He uses it in it's full skirting with an 85W peltier. The only problem is mounting it, as it requires you to drill the holes.
You can find two types in their unmodified state at http://www.allelectronics.com/

I presently use the one with the flat on it, it gives that extra clearance above the Northbridge chip (Abit BE6-II slot 1 board). I drilled and tapped it using 4-48 screws, then made a back mounting plate that also had an extra 40mm fan on for cooling the back of my cpu. I'm using a SECC2 P3-550 and tightened it down using a small torque driver - Spring loading should be used if you don't have access to a torque driver.

This orb also has more slots than the original. It is very quiet and very good. My P3-550 presently runs at 850Mhz Vcore=1.9v and cpu temp maxes out at 41~42 when running BurnBX (a very cpu intensive stress tester).

For the $17, a few hours modifying the mounting and adding an extra back fan to the SECC2 board was well worth it. The base is also lapped.