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LG GGC-H20L Internal SATA Blu-Ray & HD-DVD Player

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No this is the lowest price ;)


same drive $229.99 + shipping
How is that cheaper????? :confused:

OP's Link said:
$60 lower. NCIX has the LG GGC-H20Li Combination Blu-Ray Player, HD-DVD Player, and Double Layer DVD+/-RW Burner, 3.5" Internal SATA form factor, for a low $165.57. $9.99 Shipping. No tax

Newegg is 229
NCIX is 165

My math isn't what it used to be, but it sure looks like NewEgg is more expensive :)
Or, you could take a look at this:


The Pioneer Blue Ray Internal Drive costs $150 after $50 rebate and before tax in the B&M Fry's.

Did not bother to check Fry's online, so don't know if the same price is available there.

That ad is from today's Los Angeles Times.


Did a quick check. Fry's online has the same Pioneer Blue Ray internal driver for an even better price:


If you are on the market for a Blue Ray drive, it MIGHT be a good price.

I'll hold on buying a Blue Ray drive, till the blank Blue Ray disks become as cheap as the current blank DVD disks.
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The price at NCIX.com varies all the time. Bought the drive last week for $169.00 then 2 days later it was back up to $270. Got an email today showing it on sale for $169.00 again...
OH, nice link, bro. *Bookmarked*

Uhg, I would jump on one of these drives so quick...but then I'd have to factor in all the blank media I would have to buy...excuse me...EXPENSIVE BLU-RAY blank media...Netflix service with their wide selection of movies...repeat. :eek:

Just a FYI, these drives read Blu-ray and HD-DVD, they are not Blu-ray burners. Those are much, much more expensive than a couple hundred bucks.