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Lian Air Cooling?

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Senior Intel-lectual
May 20, 2002
Well, I've asked this before and didn't get much of a response, so I will try again...

I have a Lian mid-tower with 4 Enermax 80mm fans (2 in/2 out)...37-40cfm each, can't remember the exact #. I added a Tornado to the CPU sink and for *****s and giggles, moved the supposed 53CFM Tt Smart Fan (the original one) to one of the intake spots in front. Well, wouldn't you know that my case temps dropped 3-4C, idle temps dropped 3-4C and load temps were down 4C.

So I had to wonder if 1 higher CFM fan helped that much, how about upgrading all fans to a 50+CFM 80mms? Now, being that doing that would cost me $30-$50, who thinks I would be better served just adding a 92mm side intake and 92mm top blow hole instead and leaving the current fans as they are?

Anyone have any direct comparisons to the Tt SmartFan and the SFII? Their specs look much better, but they are expensive and butt ugly ;) Anyone know of any 80mm blue LED fans that are 50+CFM? I thought they might look decent in the intake spot behind the grill...

FYI, I have a rheobus that I built, so full speed/OC type dBs don't scare me....I can turn them down for the daily grind...

Thanks for any help!
I wouldn't have posted about a fan making a drop in case/CPU temps, nor consider cutting up my Lian case, if I wasn't sure the ambient temps were the same ;)
You are changing to many varibles at one time. If I was you, I would make ONE change at a time, so you will know what effect EACH change has.

Even with you putting more air in the case with the TT adjustable fan, my guess would be the Tornado fan on the CPU has made the biggest temp difference.
Sorry, I should have specified...

I didn't switch them at the same time. The Tt came off of the CPU and the Tornado went on with the 4 Enermax fans in the case. I ran it like that for days (load temps dropped 5C), then I put the Tt in one of the intakes and the case/load temps dropped another 3-4C.

With the Enermax case fans, I only have 75-80CFM going in, 75-80CFM going out and 85CFM (plus the N/B & GPU fans) being slung around inside the case. I think it would definitely benefit from more in/out...just not sure where to add them...