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Limiting Factor: Memory or P4 1.60A ?

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Feb 12, 2002
I have an Intel Northwood 1.60A running at 2.30 Ghz STABLE at 1.50v. However, whenever I bump it up to 2.33 Ghz (1.65v), the computer would give quite a bit of errors. When I increase the voltage (from 1.55 to 1.60 then 1.65v), it would be more stable but crashes at least once every day. Heating is good since I'm using Volcano 7+ and it's at 45 C at full load (room temp = 25 C)

Currently using Micron Crucial DDR 2100 Ram. Do you guys think my ram has been maxed out in terms of capabilitiy ? It's running at 143.75 Mhz now @ CAS 2.5. I've tried 150 Mhz FSB (600 equiv) at 2.40 Ghz @ 1.80v but crashes once I get into Wndows and it would corrupt my registry.

I've ordered a 256mb OCZ PC3000 stick to try but it won't be here till tomorrow. Just want to hear opinions. Do you guys think I've maxed out the CPU or is it my memory which is maxed out ?

Thanks for any opinions or advice!:beer:


Mar 2, 2002
New York
I still think you can get some mhz out of the chip (it seems as if you have a high quality chip because of the low voltage/high mhz gain ratio). I think it is your memory thats choking, have you tried upping the dimm voltage for the ram to 2.6/2.7 if possible?
Also, i'm not sure why people get OCZ ram with all of the bad reports about it, though I have not used it personally. From what I have read, it just seems like low quality ram that may reach the speed that OCZ rates it at. No offense or anything, it may work well for your overclocking situation.


May 16, 2001
Athens Greece
I agree with "amd_builder"

Try to up the memory voltage if you have that option.
Microns can handle up to 2.8volt max
(also fit some ram sinks on them)


Senior Moment
Jan 12, 2001
Kansas, USA
I admit I don't have much experience with DDR memory. If you have a less agressive RAM setting in your BIOS, try that to test your theory on whether your RAM is the reason for instability. I'm more inclined to think you need a little more CPU core voltage though. I bet with maybe 1.7v or so, you would be more stable. Seems like those Northies need lots of cooling and lots of voltage to really fly. [Plus of course, memory that will keep up with them.] If you're already at the max vcore setting in the BIOS, then VID pinning might be the way to more voltage.


Senior Member
Jun 16, 2001
i doubt its the memory many of the AMD people have gotten that crucial 2100 to 180fsb....and i havent heard of a stick that wont do 160...