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Link Speed/Duplex Mode

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Feb 16, 2002
How come if I've got both PC's NIC's set to "100 Full Modem" it dosent work ? my HUB is a 10/100 so it should work right ?
If you set both NICs to auto, it should automatically set it to the maximum supported speed and duplex for one of your hardware (hub or one of the NICs).

Can you set both to 100MBPS and half duplex? Or try setting both to 10MBPS at any duplex...to see if it could be that the hub doesn't do 100MBPS.
they are currently set to auto which is 10/half.. one is connected to a modem so 10/half is default
Some NICS and HUBs don't like talking to each other if they're forced to go full duplex and 100Mbs. In theory, you don't need the full duplex enabled except if you're copying files from A to B and B to A at the same time; It's usually this that screws it up. Apparently it's something to do with the layers and translation when IP's go to MAC address and hardware handshaking... IT all depends on your hub and NICs as well - what make are they?
Also, a HUB by definition is not capable of full duplex operation.


Lots of hub manufacturers trick the consumer into thinking that a 10/100 hub is full duplex, but when in reality it's just tricky advertising to mean that it will switch from 10mbps to 100mbps. Your hub might say it's dual speed, but that only means that it supports Ethernet/Fastethernet (10/100). Dual speed and dual duplex are two different things.