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linking 2 psu&#39s

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New Member
Dec 28, 2000
when you link two power supplies, how many volts do you get. I just read the article that ed just posted about connecting power supplies, and according to this guy, If you link your power supplies and hook it up to your mobo you still get 12v. Wouldn't you get 24v? I want to link two power supplies to run a 24v 175w peltier. What the heck am I supposed to do if I only get 12v volts. Also, In my personal opinion, the author of the article's math doesn't make sense. When you take two AA's and put them together you get 3v not 1.5.

Please somebody steer me in the right direction, If I link two of the 12v rails on the two power supplies will I get 12v or 24v.

Also, I can't remember how to hook up fans so that I can control the voltage so I can turn them down when I'm not working heavily.


input greatly appreciated
Only in a series circuit configuration would you get 3.0v with the aa's. In parallel the voltage will remain at 1.5v. Same with the power supplies- in parallel the voltage remains the same, but the current CAPACITY doubles.