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Linux and SETI

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Feb 1, 2002
Irvine, California
What's the best way to run Seti on Mandrake Linux so I can have a nice big cache of WU and not have to worry about checking up on it?

I have SetiSpy and SetiDriver on WinXP and run it 24/7 and never even check up on the thing. I want the same thing for my Linux rig. Any suggestions?
Run Setigate or SetiQ on the XP box and point the Linux machine at them. It will use XP as a proxy and you should never need to check on the Linux machine again.

Requirements are a LAN and a full cache on the proxy. My Linux router has been running Seti pretty much unattended since 3.03 came out using the same method.
Maybe I should have added to my initial question that this is on a dual-boot machine :D Thank's for the response though zouo, but I wasn't clear on my initial description.
SetiQueue has a linux version out. You might wanna check that out if your wanting a cache locally.

On my network i have an xp machine that has setiqueue on it. I point all my machines towards that xp machine. It is working very good for me cause i can keep track of many things. Work units, their preformance and all kinda goodies.