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Linux shell

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Feb 2, 2002
Is there a site that offers >free< linux shells for eggdrop (bnc) or irc ( ;) ). Except irc it's good to have a shell I can work (ok I have linux installed but want outside shell =P)

But basically I need it for irc.
Thank you
I used to know of one, but I forgot it.

You're probably better off trying to set up your on box on someone's T1 or something. Or finding a friend who has already done this and getting an account from him.
I have a friend that does exactly what I want , and he want to charge $6/month.........is this a good price?
Thank you
I guess its a good price if you're willing to pay it. If he were my friend, I'd expect it to be free. Ditto for me providing services like that to my friends.