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Liquid Cooling for my GPUs

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Mar 13, 2017

I would like to be able to install two GPU liquid cooling brackets and Hydro Pumps on my graphics cards from Corsair
I have 2 EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB SC GAMING ACX 2.0 cards

I have an i7-4970k with the Hydro Series H110i cooler from Corsair.
I would like help with finding the equivalent of the H110i for my graphics cards, as well as help with installing them into my desktop.

My current case is the Cooler Master HAF X full tower.

I have 2 Samsung SSDs in two of the hard drive bays, as well as a CD drive on the top part, and I want to be able to place the two hydro pump sets inside the front of the tower. Similar to in this image: http://oi66.tinypic.com/2444n7c.jpg

I think I need to make room, but I am not sure how. The only thing I could easily do would be the assembly of the HG10 N970 cooling brackets on my graphics cards, as well as the application of thermal paste.

I also have questions about the enclosed loops. I have had the H110i cooler on my CPU for over a year, and I am not sure if the liquid runs out or goes bad. :confused:

I would like help in finding the utilities that people use to monitor their CPU and GPU temps, with the in-game 'overlay'.

I also need help finding a program to manipulate fan speeds

All help is appreciated. Thanks


May 4, 2011
"closed loop" coolers do experience some mild evaporation of liquid, but not of any concern. If the pump is working, and your temps are good, your unit is working as expected.

As for the temperature monitoring software, Use MSI Afterburner for your gpu, and RealTemp for your processor. They log the temps, so you shouldn't need an overlay for your game to see the temps.

Besides, to test temps, we use things like Prime95, intel burn test, to test cpu overclocks. For GPU's, we use 3dmark, unigen heaven, unigen valley, and a few others. These softwares are generally more taxing than games are, and have built in temp monitoring overlays. If you are "stable" running these taxing tests, you can safely run your settings in games without much worry.

Eventually, your H110i will go bad; but usually around the 3-5 year mark, and some extreme cases last longer. By "going bad" I mean the pump fails. Once the pump fails, the unit is usually done for. But 3-5 years is a long time, and by the time it fails, a vastly improved version will be available.

As for the custom loop, every case is different. You will need to do measurements yourself and find parts that fit the measurement; Or use https://www.ekwb.com/custom-loop-configurator/ and select eveything you want/use their recommended setup.

As for a program to change fan speeds; check your motherboard drivers page and see if it has a utility that controls it. If each fan is plugged into a 4pin header*and has 4 pins!*, some motherboards(like mine) let you change the speeds automatically based on two temp probes built into the board; System temp(case temp) or Core temp(Cpu temps)

If not, Speedfan can control it, but idk if it is still being updated or not.
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