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Liquid Extasy Waterblocks

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Finally, after almost 6 month i had some hours to install the new flowmeter for ur waterblocks. smile-v1.gif

Maybe it's the video, but that thing doesn't look fluid? Like it hesitates or something???
The loop is very restrictive. I use 3 pieces of Laing D5 @ level 4.
It is not the video hehe. I guess i have around 70l/h. Something like this.
Its not much, but enough for my Ibag HF80A.

Regardless of your restrictions, the flow meter should have a steady flow rate (spin at the same speed). As you can tell from the video, it looks to....'pulse' or slow and speed up and isn't consistent.

Not sure if that's a problem in the flow rate meter (I do recall mentioning something about that design when you brought it up...) or the loop flow itself.
Its the flowloop itself. I used an Alphacool flowmeter bfor. It has the same problem.
That's.....not good, lol.

I also recall 'optimal' flow rates around 1GPM give or take. 70L /Hr isn't close to that?
Ahh, the chiller, I suppose, makes the difference. Sans chiller, you want that flow much higher. :)
Not really. I guess its the millingspindle.
Without the tubes at the machine and the millingspindle i could use more than 1000l/h.
Not really.
Really. At least, that's what testing with watercooling showed back in the day (see our sticky threads, for example). Maybe things have changed today? No clue. But 70L /hr in a normal loop seems incredibly slow. That ~1L through your loop every ~50s...
Through a 4mm Tube u cant push 200liters/h ;-)
Its a watercooling for a millingspindel, not for a pc.
Get better tubing... :p :rofl:

Through a 4mm Tube u cant push 200liters/h ;-)
Its a watercooling for a millingspindel, not for a pc.
Now that makes more sense... I thought this had to do with PCs at a PC overclocking site, lol! Oops!
For the next productionround i prepared 3 different kind or Ramwaterblocks. It fits to Bykski Heatspreader and i prepared waterblocks for Asus B550I Aorus Pro AX, Sapphire Pulse 7800XT, EVGA RTX 3070 TI CX3, MSI RTX 4090 Gaming Slim, Palit RTX 4070 Jetstream. It a lot of work in CAM. For me it feels like i wasting time L I really dont like coding.
Attached some pix of the last productionround. Except 2 waterblocks everything is finish. (XFX RX7800XT Speedster MERC319 and Playstation 5) But have a short look to the GeForce_RTX 4070 Ti EX Gamer waterblock.

EVGA X299 Dark

Gainward RTX 4090 Phantom GS

Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super

Playstation 3

Playstation 3 Mosfet

Powercolor Red Devil RX_6700xt12GB GDDR6

And I tested the No. UNO and the No. UNO 75 in Acrylglasversion and compare it with the Core 1 at an AMD AM5 setup. For me, the results was not surprising. Additional of this test r different mountingpreasure. We see that the core 1 works just with a lot of preasure. Mounted at 0,15Nm the core 1 **** up. The performance getting better and better as more as torque u will use.

We can just guess… … We know from the Velocity 2 that customers should mount it with a torque of 0,6Nm and some customers was surprised that the board doesn’t post anymore. So they use 0,5Nm. Its not really a surprise coz 0,6Nm r too much. This telling us the Intel and AMD specs with around 1000N. I have a torque screwdriver and I had build an aparature to measure the Kilos/Newton by Nm. 0,12Nm = 53kilos = 530Newton. So I guess if u use more than 0,4Nm u will **** off the Intel and AMD specs coz it blows the line of ~1000N.

Have a look at the results. By the way, the No. UNO is not that pricy than the Core 1 and the flow is much more better. Iam happy with the performance of the No. UNO’s. Especially the revision 3. I guess the release of the Revision will be in April 2024. May be the waterblock will get a new design. I like the Design of the Velocity 2. Pure elegance…