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Liquid replacement for watercooling loops :)

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Aug 14, 2014
So every now and then JayzTwoCents gives us these little nuggets...

Watercooling with antifreeze :

Watercooling with Powerade, Milk and Orange Juice :

Thoughts and your own experiences ?
Antifreeze is glycol based and will damage the pump/tubing and res. It's already been tried (by yours truly) before and it's pointless. Only time is was of any benefit is when you're going with a chiller. I used it when I had an air conditioner freezing a 5 gallon igloo resevoir and a submersible pump.

As for milk, juice or gatorade/powerade, never tried it. I know with milk it'll start thickening up and it will eventually clog the hell out of everything. Not to mention the smell of curded milk (yuck), lol.

JayzTwoCents always entertains me. I get a real good laugh watching his videos, lol.
I have a noob friend who's as stubborn as finding a stud in the wall and thinks Jay's a saint. I almost pulled my hair assisting this guy building his 1st new machine through the phone. I like Jay, he is entertaining but he overdoes it and says silly things. I think he was promoting all types of colored fluids a few years back which kinda infuriated me a bit since he has a pretty decent size audience. The irony is, he never lets a system with colored fluid sit that long since he's always upgrading or didn't get the negative effect that other's have had. Regardless, its always nice getting free stuff.

My go to videos are Linus Tech Tips, Paul's Hardware and Tech Of Tomorrow.
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I'm pretty sure most were using antifreze or similar as low cost additive in the older days of watercooling. Good or bad... I don't recall any problems with it myself.

Tech channel wise, I like LTT for the entertainment value. Like, I'd watch (former) Top Gear to be entertained with car stuff, but it wouldn't be a go to source of information. JayzTwoCents I can't watch for some reason. I think it's too close to what I'd do (and fail at) if I were to try same.
I try not to be in my channel! But im just a lowly tech fanatic posting tech videos cuz i like to. 79 subs, nobody cares lol. I wont post my page here cuz i dont want to seem like im fishing or anything though lol.

However i like Jay decently as well as Bitwit and Barnacles. Linus a bit i guess, depends. Notice he sounds sorta like Steve Carrel though lol. TechYEScity is one i really like. Barnacles is annoying lately in the tech talks with jay though, always riding jay's nuts. However, i think its cool some of these tech tubers are SoCal based. They aren't far from me at all! Not that i see them anywhere i go lol.
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