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List of Chips on Recommended Modules

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Mar 3, 2007
i didn't see these listed here but on another forum it seems they aren't very good OCers. maybe OCforums has some more info on them?
G.Skill DDR2 667 PC2-5400 f2-5400phu1-1gbla 2x1Gb kit. so far only running stock at 333 1:1 4-4-4-12/14 2t


New Member
Apr 27, 2007
Firstly, I registered here purely because of this thread - it's incredibly useful!

Also I wanted to provide some input. First thing, I've got a Corsair XMS3500 Platinum stick from many, many years ago. The full model is CMX512-3500C2PT. I run it at 2-2-2-5 at 200mhz. I see it's not on the list - do you have any idea what chips are under the hood? Which brings me to the second thing, how does one take off these Corsair heatsinks to check? They have that little metal clip, which comes off easy, but the heatsinks seem attached quite strongly even without it.

Third thing, I've also got a XMS3202 v4.1 as is on your list, although the secondary code isn't the same naturally. Would it be safe to assume that this stick also has Samsung -5 TCCD? Would that make it an overclockable stick? And do you think it would do 2-2-2-5 at 200mhz?

And final thing... I've also got 2 x Kingston KVR533D2N4/512 and 2 x Kingston KVR533D2N4/1G. I noticed that in your list there were two under that model:
PC4200 ValueRAM 4.0-X-X-X @ 1.8V / KVR533D2N4 9905260-001.C00LF
PC4200 ValueRAM 4.0-X-X-X @ 1.8V / KVR533D2N4 9905260-001.A00 - Elpida AB-5C-E
Is one better than the other? And how do I tell which models are my sticks?


New Member
Jun 1, 2007
on my A-DATA vitesta extreme edition 1066+, i got micron D9GMH chips :)
it can do 1000MHz in CL4-4-4-12 @ 2.2V, pretty good!


New Member
Dec 26, 2007
RAM Suggestions for Updating?

Have Lanparty n4 Ultra-D with some nice Mushkin Redline XP4000. I am slightly overclocked (3800X2 Manchester at 2450Mhz) and have used the 1GB standard for some time.
Wish to have 2GB now and "FIND" no more XP4000 Redline anywhere and wanting a suitable replacement (2,2,2,6 or at least 2,3,2,6) - I am not pushing the RAM too much (2.5v and bus is 245) -
I am LOOKING at the OCZ Plat 2GB Plat Edition at 3200 and wonder:
1. Is that the 'best' out there (as I guess I have to pull the Mushkin, want to use the orange slots again)
2. Or... suggestions... can email me direct as well.

Greatly appreciate the help. GREAT SITE! Be a 'lurker' too long.


Oct 17, 2009
ow if only I found this info earlier I wont buy the ADATA Vitesta Extreme its much less powerfull compare to My Old OCZ

Tech Tweaker

Dec 14, 2010
Hey, I came upon this thread a few weeks back when I was trying to identify what brand and/or model the chips/IC's on my RAM were.

I am still trying to find out though.

Does anyone recognize the following part numbers?

On the IC's of my RAM it says these numbers: 64M8BCG PRB090024
And on the front of the PCB it says: D68001H, BP MLL, E186014, 94V-0

All I'd managed to figure out thus far was that the maker of the PCB is a company called BrainPower, and not much else unfortunately.

Any assistance in this matter would be appreciated if anyone knows anything about this IC part number, because I've been trying to find out what it is off and on for months now but seem to be no closer to finding out.

Oh, and two others.

Corsair XMS
Model number: CMX1024-3200C2PT
Revision: XMS3202v3.1
Lot code: 09030808

Number on IC's: HY5DU12822DTP-D43
Unfortunately that's all I know about this one, as it doesn't actually have the name of the company that it's branded under on it. I just know that it uses hynix chips. So I don't know if hynix is the seller of this stick of RAM or just made the IC's for it.

Anyone know if any of these are supposed to be good for overclocking?

Tech Tweaker

Dec 14, 2010

Corsair ValueSelect VS1GB400C3 - Infineon BE-5

It should be noted that some also use Samsung UCCC and Hynix D43 chips (I have some here that say "hynix 901A C", next line:"HY5DU12822DTP-D43," last line: "KOR" on the IC's and I've seen a stick that had Samsung UCCC chips on it once.) Also, all of the one's I've seen were on BrainPower PCB's.

I've also read on one or two sites that some use Micron -B5 D chips, but I can't really confirm that for certain.

Tech Tweaker

Dec 14, 2010
Just came across a few that are not listed on the site.

Not really sure what kind of chips these use.

CMX512-3200C2PT XMS3202 v1.4 0515127-0 (The one I saw was a matching 1GB kit, if that makes a difference.)

CMX512-3500C2PT XMS3502 v1.1 (date code unreadable)

CMX1024-4400PRO XMS4401 v1.1 0614288-0

Tech Tweaker

Dec 14, 2010
Got another unknown here.

CMX1024-3200C2PRO XMS3202 v1.4 0608176-1

I saw according to one site that it could possibly be using Winbond CH-5 chips, but I'm not really sure because that site just said that some older modules used those, but the site didn't specify any specific version/revision numbers that used them.