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List your farm and its weekly output here!

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Oct 18, 2003
Hey, I just wanted to know what sorts of rigs and how many of them the members of team 32 have folding for them. Also tell its output from the last week and any additions that are being planned.:cool:

Right now I have only a 1.47Ghz Palomino doing folding and it got done 243 points last week. Kinda lame :( , but it's all I can muster right now.

I'm planning on fixing up my 2.3Ghz Duron if I can get the board's bios to work as soon as possible. I'm also going to get folding running part time on my dad's 2.23Ghz barton- only when someone is logged in on it cause he doesn't want it left on. Within the next month I'm getting a k6-3 to fold because my k6-2 400 is not worth folding on. Also I'll add my stepdad's 2.2Ghz barton when we get around to getting its own psu, wireless card, monitor, and keyboard. :attn:


Captain Random Senior Evil
Nov 8, 2001
86,071 Ghz out of 90,247 Ghz Folding for OC3d - I'm getting about 13k/week, but there's another guy with 4 or 5 computers who is helping me.

Everything in green is part of the company I work for.

XP @ 2375 - My main gaming rig (win2k)
XP @ 2171, - My Knoppix remastering box (Overclockix)
XP @ 2133, XP @ 2133 - Dual 2600+ gentoo server
XP @ 2101 - A spare parts box (running Overclockix)
XP @ 2100, XP @ 2100 - My duallie (win2k/Overclockix)
XP @ 2090 - Part of my entertainemnt center (win2k)
XP @ 2036 - Friend's computer I built (win2k)
P4 @ 1800 - Friend's Computer (IBM) I helped tweak
XP @ 1733 - Friend's computer I built (win2k)
XP @ 1733, XP @ 1733, XP @ 1733, XP @ 1733, Two duallie 2100+ gentoo servers
XP @ 1725 - My ECS desknote (running Overclockix)
XP @ 1667 - Friend's computer I built
XP @ 1666, XP @ 1666 Dual 2000+ gentoo server
XP @ 1641 - Roommate's computer (win2k)
XP @ 1624, XP @ 1600, XP @ 1600 gentoo workstation and dual 1900+ gentoo server
XP @ 1543 - spare parts box (hdd-install of Overclockix)
XP @ 1533, XP @ 1533, XP @ 1533, XP @ 1533, XP @ 1533, XP @ 1533, XP @ 1533, XP @ 1533, XP @ 1533, XP @ 1533, 4 Duallie Gentoo servers, 1 Duallie FreeBSD server
XP @ 1522, - My Father's computer
XP @ 1466, XP @ 1400, XP @ 1400 - Gentoo workstation, FreeBSD duallie 1600+ server
XP @ 1400 Girlfriend's computer (no net acccess currently) (WinXP)
Tbird @ 1422, Tbird @ 1400, Tbird @ 1400, Tbird @ 1400 - Gentoo workstations
Duron @ 1300, Duron @ 1300 - Borgs at a tax office my friend works for (Win XP)
Duron @ 1284 - Friend's computer I helped to setup (WinXP)
XP @ 1210 - Secretary's workstation (win2k)
Tbird @ 1200 - Friend's Linux box (no net access currently) (Redhat8)
Tbird @ 1100 - my minimal folding layer (Overclockix)
P3 @ 933 - roommate's computer HP (win2k)
P3 @ 800, P3 @ 800, P3 @ 800, P3 @ 800 - Science lab computers at my old highschool (one's OS is hosed at the moment) (win98)
P3 @ 733 - Friend's computer (winXP)
P3 @ 733 - Friend's computer (win2k)
P3 @ 650, P3 650, P3 650, P3 650 - workstations at my second job (win2k)
P3 @ 500 - Friend's computer I've repaired (win2k)
P3 @ 500 - spare parts, need motherboard
Celeron @ 500 - My laptop (win2k/Redhat8)
K6-2 300 - Friend's computer, needs HDD
K6-2 300 - Mom's computer (win98)

I have no plans to expand my home network currently. I should be able to get most of the ones in red up sometime in the near future. I can probably add two more Duron 1300's at the tax office in the next few weeks. The company I work for is very interested in building some new duallie servers- either one new Dual Opteron 246 or 248, or between one and three new MPX 2400+ duallies. I can add a dual celeron 733 and a dual celeron 400 in a few weeks. I may swap some CPU's around in my home boxes to squeeze a few hundred more mhz.

Edit: Just borged 3x P3 650's 24/7.
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Oct 18, 2003
I was getting worried that all of those comps were in your house! All of mine are, but that isn't saying much. I wish I could borg all the comps at my dad's work! :drool: Everyone there runs dual xeons that get upgraded every other year. My dad has dual 2.8Ghz ones right now. Too bad he works at an army research lab- they have a bunch of T3 connections too :( . At my stepdad's work everyone runs crappy computers in their cubicles that probably could barely make WU deadlines. Where my mom works there is nothing to borg. The company was so cheap they took everyones desktop computers and made them use only their company laptops.


Captain Random Senior Evil
Nov 8, 2001
I've got 8 computers with 9 CPU's at home. People always think that my sig is my home network, when in fact, most of it is a high-end Linux/Unix network at a small corporation that designs computer chips. I have more borgs from friends and family and small businesses/schools than personal boxes.

I also have a variable and unknown quantity of contributing CPU's from Linux users who try out my custom Knoppix CD (Overclockix) without being aware of the [email protected] service it runs. It was designed for folders, but is interesting enough that non-folders also use it.


Apr 10, 2002
LOL UH yeah right ;) I lost track of what is running where many moons ago, I can account for 20 CPUs (30.8 GHZ) between my home and work other than that they come and go. Once upon a timr I had almost double that!!!!! CYA!


Forums Super Moderator
Feb 20, 2001
I have:

[email protected], [email protected] - Main PC, dual [email protected]+/1GB RAM/WinXP
[email protected] - Acer Aspire 1353XC laptop/Win XP/Linux [when I get round to installing Linux on it!!!]

Also, not folding yet:

[email protected] - Dads Laptop, gonna see if I can safely borg this...
[email protected] - I got off ebay for some reason :confused: Not sure whether to use this for Fah/GaH or sell it on and get a minimal layer or something for FaH.
[email protected] - On a KT7 and WONT BOOT :cry:

I am thinking of selling off the K6-2 and Duron once they are both working ok and getting a barebones XP/integrated mobo setup for Fah.

Not sure how many PPW it gets, I fold for the [OC]FoldingNinjas but we seem to be waning...


May 20, 2003
Colleyville, TX
I was up to 105.5Ghz at 11k ppw, but one whole company pulled the plug on my borgs and I was forced to shut down a good number of systems. That has dropped me down to about 75Ghz at about 7700k ppw.


Shadow ÒÓ's after me!!!
Jan 13, 2002
Suisun City Ca. I love this Town
Right now I have 5 rigs running and two that are down that I hope to get going today.

[email protected]
[email protected] (wife has fear of OC)
[email protected]
And 2x XP 1700's at my brothers house both stock

I have 2 more 1700's that I hope to get going today. One is ready just need to install OS and the other has vid card problems.

Right now I'm at 1300ppw

EDIT----- my daughter has a XP 1600 that folds part time also. About 4 to 5 hrs a day.


Oct 9, 2001
all i have are the computers in my sig and my weekly production ranges from 700-870, depends when the P2 finishes a wu. hopefully ill get some old comps from a friend soon (200MHz and above) then i can build a 8 layer farm.


Apr 16, 2002
Seattle, WA
This is what I currently have folding.

P4 @ 3.36GHz (HT 2 processes) [Main Computer] 24/7
Tbird @ 1.7GHz (1 process) [Gentoo Server] 24/7
P3 @ 1.2GHz (1 process) [Mom's Laptop] 23/7 (off during transport)
P3 @ 1.2GHz (1 process) [Dad's Laptop] 24/7
P4 @ 2.0GHz (1 process) [Sisters Computer] 24/7
P4 @ 2.4GHz (1 process) [Borg @ Friends] 24/7
P3 @ 1.0GHz (1 process) [Borg @ Friends] 24/7
P4 @ 2.0Ghz (1 process) [Borg @ Grandparents] Status Unknown (and on dialup)
P4 @ 2.4GHz (1 process) [Borg @ Club] Status unknown

This gives me around 2900PPW.
(edit) just checked stanford and it seems that all 10 are up so the 2 in red might be running
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Oct 18, 2003
I only have 1/10 of that Ghz right now, considering athlons are more efficient per clock cycle. (xp 1700+ stock) It's the only really mission critical rig around here and, besides the 333mhz iMac, the crappiest currently, or easilly runnable.


Jul 28, 2003
this is my little farm, only my XP runs 24/7 the rest run probably 10hrs a day or so. 2 of my p4s are down due to college breaks but they should be back up soon. :D:D:D
i'm currently at 1.2k ppw with the rigs that are still running over break.

3 p4 2.4Ghz
1 p3 800mhz
1 p2(?) 250mhz
1 Athlon XP 2.3Ghz
1 AMD 900mhz


Oct 16, 2002
Madison Heights, MI
celly 1.7 @ 3.6ghz
1700+ @ 2600+ (2.09)
1800+ @ 2600+ (2.09)
1800+ @ 2200mhz
2100+ @ 2300mhz
1700+ @ 2222mhz
batron 2500+ @ 2.4 ghz

all those at my house folding 24/7 cept the barton rig which folds like 20/7

borged celly 2.0
borged xp 1800+
borged xp 2600+
borged celeron [email protected]
borged celeron 900
broged duron 900

only problem with borgs is friends only turn on puters when using them for the most part so they fold like 2 hours a day and usually dont even show up on the weekly processor count.

im doing like 3500-4000 points per week at the moment


Jan 8, 2003
Tampa, FL
At my house.

Tbred B 1700 @ 2.3 Ghz
Pally 1800 @ Stock for now
Pally 1700 @ Stock for now
Athlon 1 Gig not currently running
Athlon Slot A 800 not currently running

Dad's stock Tbred B 2100 (once I get him a better board it will be OCed since the KT400 sucks)
Sisters 2.2 Celeron (May not be running anymore)
Sister in Law's 1.4 Celeron
800 Mhz Celeron
800 Mhz Celeron
700 Mhz Celeron
700 Mhz Celeron
P4 1.8 Williamette
P4 1.6 Williamette
P4 1.6 Williamette
P4 1.6 Williamette
P4 1.6 Williamette - These things SUCK with Tinkers.

sean uk

Oct 23, 2003
not really a farm more like a small holding

1 xp2100 throughbred 24/7
1 xp1700 pally 24/7
1 celeron 800 24/7

1 barton 3ghz 24/7 currently on holiday till 5th jan

average about 1k ppw


Are you my Daddy?
May 28, 2002
Sector 7G
1 Celeron Tually 1.2 @ stock running 24/7/365
1 Celeron Coppermine 1.0 @ stock folding off and on

95-220 PPW total, :eek: