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little linux help

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Perfect thread title: "little linux help."

Thats all I usually am :D

tar -xvf FILENAME is what I usually use; I check any readme- type files first in case there are any particular instructions, but that does it most of the time.

I use Opera in linux mostly, although I have Netscape on my Linux boxes as well. Opera is a lot faster and smoother though.
opera is the fastest linux browser imho though on your system mozilla should be just fine
Tar has, among others, the following options:

-v means verbose, -q means quiet = use these to regulate how much text appears on screen.

-c means make an archive, -x means extract = use only one of these

-z means zip/unzip the tar while compiling/decompiling an archive. Ie, if you use it with c it will compress the archive after making it, use it with x to unzip it before extracting.

Goodness knows what -f means but I use it anyway :p

So you do:

tar zxvf <file>

To unzip and extract a .tar.gz or .tgz file.

Or tar xvf <file> to extract a .tar file.

As for browsers, I use mozilla or galeon. Check out the downloadable themes for mozilla, as some of them are pretty cool.

Sounds like everyone already answered your tar question ,but as for the Web Browser. I use Phoenix.

Check it out phoenix
If you want speed, a text based browser is defintely best. Of course, you'll get no images or anything fancy. I personally prefer Links over Lynx, but why not try em both?