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little problem here......

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Mar 8, 2001
i overclocked my duron, and now sometimes i go to shutdown and i get blue screens......example "system haulted, you need to restart your computer" and "windows error, press ctrl+alt+delete to restart or press enter to go back to windows", i put it down some and it still does this. BTW my system runs fine booting, in windows, playing games, on the web.....etc no other problems what so ever. could this be from the overclock or just a bad install of ME?
I'd suggest setting the duron back to its defaults to eliminate the overclocking from the list of possible causes. If you still get the Blue screens after that, then you know it's not the overclocking.
If it stops happening at default, keep bumping up the speed in small increments and testing until you find the stable limits of your system.
If it only happens on shutdown on your currently overclocked set-up it's probably a problem with the OS or with drivers.
Do you get this problem if you are running in safe mode?
OK, looks like a driver problem. Safe mode only loads the bare set of drivers to get Windows running, e.g. it will only load a basic VGA driver for the graphics card.
Can you remember when the blue screens started? Had you just installed some new hardware or software? Had you just installed some newer drivers?
It's really just a process of elimination for example Try uninstalling newer drivers and then reinstalling older known good drivers. Keep notes on what you try and use a logical approach.
If you can't be bothered with this extra hassle then the only sure way is to backup any essential data, format your hard disk and reinstall the OS.

Hope this helps?
well i found out the problem! i was using GeForce drivers that the OS didnt like, they were the ones that came with the card i went and got the latest drivers from creative and im golden now...thanks for the help