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Load Temps, What's Wrong ?

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May 5, 2002
This is weird. I added 2 blowholes in my case with 39CFM Panaflo's. Case temps run around 26C .. Thing is the CPU sits and idle's @ 34C. Then When I go to play a game or something to put it under load. It only rises 1C therefor it is @ 35C .. What's going on here ?
Hey NBK19
I've had the same thing happen to me when I put fans in a case that wasn't well ventilated. Before adding fans there might be a 10-15 degree swing between idle and load temps. After fans there's only a 2-10 degree difference, depending on the number and power of the fans of course.

Nice temps, hope you ain't complaining:)
Sounds like you have good case temps and good cpu temps. I wouldn't worry why it isn't hotter.
But it's just strange. I see alot of 8-12C Deegree Swings. And Mine only rises 1C .. No complaints ! I love it ;) Was just wanting to know if something was wrong.
2 Panaflo H1A's .. Ax-7/Tornado~AS3 .. I ran prime95 for 2 hours. Temps went from 34C to 35C .. Whatever I done its Killer ;) ..
Forgot to say. The panaflo's are pushing 39CFM in and 39CFM out. I got one on the side of the case for intake and one @ the top for exhaust.
Are you guys using reliable methods to measure the temps?

If you have an insocket, all you have to do is blow more air over the CPU and the temps drop - and you'll only see a minimal increase in load temps.
Mine raises about 6 degrees. but my max load is 36ºC right now. ducting is god.