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Locations for therm. probes

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Aug 27, 2002
I have a digital doc 5 (DD5) and am curious to see where people have installed their thermal probes. Any specific information esp. is appreciated. I would like to know exactly where ( eg CPU thermal probe connected to CPU die or heatsink) and what is way to attach ( included thermal tape or electrical tape or duct tape etc.) What about mounting for HD and ambient case temp? Any advice as always is appreciated. Thanx


Feb 22, 2001
San Diego
depending on how many probes you have available, here's the order of priority: (well my priority anyway)

1. cpu temp- you may get away with the sensor touching the back of the core with the leads snaking out through the pins, if the leads are fine enough.

I actually got everything to drill through the hs and epoxy a thermistor right at the surface, in contact w/ the top of the cpu core. The lead goes to my Omega handheld digital thermometer, so this is maybe not what you're looking to do.

Here's an animation showing how I installed the the thermistor from a volcano-9 HSF, which sports an automatic fan-speed control, as well as a manual rheo. (Pretty slick what has become standard these days.) The .gif file shows it with a Duron:
Bear in mind that this could interfere with the mobo's onboard temp sensor, if you're so equipped.

2. Case temp. I measure this a few inches from the intake to the hsf.

3. Vid card chipset temp.

4. Some people also like to watch mobo chipset temps, hdd temps, and I personally like to keep an eye on the temp in my cat's butt.
he's smiling!

5. It's not a bad idea to be aware of room temp, too.