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locked or unlock for folding?

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Dec 11, 2001
Orange County, California
Sorry for my ignorance but does it makes a difference if the chip used for folding is locked or unlocked?

I have an 1800xp at 11.5 x 146 = 1680mhz (locked),
would this be any different than unlocking the chip and running
11 x 153 or 10.5 x 160?

From what i've read, unlocking will just run the system faster or out of specs?

I dont plan to watercool in the near future. I have tried to unlock my chip this weekend for kicks but no success.
Is it worth it? Are there benefits>?
i believe its all about the mhz. so at 1680 mhz it doesnt matter if the fsb is 146 or 160. your still folding at the same rate. now if you were able to hit 1700 mhz it would fold faster.
unlocking has nothing to do with folding rate. Often its the FSB that hold chips back. If a chip is cooled very well and has a volt mod often you need to unlock it to get to it max Mhz. Or as in my case with my T-Bird the max FSB I could do in the bios was 146Mhz so If I wanted more than 1.533Ghz 146 X10.5 I need to change the mulitplier Now am at 11X146 or 1.606Ghz. So if the chip you have can do 1.7Ghz or more but the devices on your bus cant handle a higher FSB then unlocking would help in folding only because you could get the CPU running faster.
unlocking might not make difference but you will never know until you try. mine is unlocked but I got a higher overclock at default multiplier 10.5*157 if my chip would go a little higher 11 would give me a higher overclock because memory won't go much higher.
Well. I don' t have an XP(yet- It's coming soon ;)) but unlocking simply increases your options. I've had some trouble getting my fsb over 147 on this board, but by increasing the multiplier I've been able to get a 1G Athlon to 1542.

It all depends on what you want. I don't know how well some of the XP's OC especially compared to some of the chips that I have now. From what I tell they are easier to cool than a tbird anyway. :)