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Locked out of Bios

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Nov 12, 2002
Hi All, When you own a damn name band computer(Dell,HP,IBM,Compaq etc) that prevents you from changing the multiplier in the bios is there a way to make this change on the MB other then just changing the jumpers on the fsb?I have tried to use softfsb but it will not work on my MB . I am trying to run fsb at 133 instead of 100fsb.My multiplier is 12x so I know my cpu wont be able to handle this at 133fsb is there any solutions short of changing out the MB or are you just stuck with what you have.Any ideas,suggestions, tips(get rid of that computer)would be appreciated......Thanks.JS
hdj said:
You can try to figure out which motherboard you have, and flash it with the unrestricted bios.

There's not going to be an "unrestricted" BIOS most likely. You're stuck with it. Unless you manually set the multiplier to the number you want, you're probably out of luck. :(
snowus said:
Thanks that was kind of what I thought .Maybe checking out MB manual might allow to configure manually as you said.Thanks Again....JS

you may be able to set (on the proc itself via bridges) the multiplier. Maybe to 10 or 10.5, then try for 133.
Its a Compaq 5000z thunderbird 1200/kt133/km133.I think this just bite glad I am learning this before I tried to do to much.Maybe some more reading about the bridges might give me some info to use.Thanks Again...JS
my opinion. you would be alot better off getting a new mobo. alot less hassel and you can get a via kt333 board for $75 or less if you shop around. or a via kt 266 board for $50. good luck!
Those were my exact thoughts so I ordered a epox 8hka+from Tech For Less for $50including shipping it doesnt have the manual for it hope I made a wise choice....Regards...JS