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lockup during 3D Mark 2001 benchmark

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New Member
Feb 15, 2001
I do alot of reading here to learn and know there is a wealth of knowledge in this forum, so after building a system, I need need some of this knowledge.
My system is: (try to be breif)
KT-7A w/ YH bios and 4.29 4in1's
AXIA (Y) 1.33 o/c to easy 1.4
OCZ Gladiator and 2 Panaflo 80's temp. 22-25 (mbm)
256 mb crucial cas 2
Leadtek GeForce 2 Pro 32 w/ 5.12 drivers (stock)
W2000 SP2 and large page minumun reg.
I am running at 32 bit 1024x768 resolution.
I have tried turbo and fast. Cas 2 and 3. interleave and not. 4 way and not.
Value EA drive control.
K7 CLK.CTL is at optimal.

I have downloaded 12 series GF drivers but havent installed yet.
Is this the key? or am I missing something?
I always lockup at the 3rd or 4th demo in 3D mark 2001. Dragon something.
Can anyone help me out?
Thanks in advance.
btw this is my first amd adventure.
Its suggests that your system is not currently stable, I get this problem in 3D Mark 2001 if I run my Gforce exceptionally fast and when tempratures get high.. I would think that it would be a temprature problem take the speed down a little and remove the sides of the case of and see if that helps.
Some games I can play with my MX overclocked to the max. Other games, Unreal is one, I have to back off the vid card overclocking a few notches. I noticed last weekend when I was benchmarking with 3Dmark2000, that during the morning when it was cool, I had no problems, but in the afternoon when the ambient temps warmed up, that I was having more trouble finishing the routines when I was overclocked to the hilt. So, that suggests heat related instability. Maybe you're borderline with some games. Try more cooling mods or back off the overclocking a tad.
what is the fsb set to???
some cards don`t like too high agp bus at 4X
check what the agp is at with sandra .
and try just using 133fsb and c if it still does it...

Its very touchy to overclocking.
If you change the option in 3d mark to use compressed textures to use 16 or 32 bit it will probably run fine.
Thanks for all the advice. Ive been able to complete 3D 2001 and my score is always around 3000. Id like better but glad it runs now. Im gonna go to 12 series drivers and also start o/c the video card to see how this effects scores. Once again, thanks to all who posted.