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Lockup problem Help please

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Mar 3, 2002
I just built a new computer and all is running well "except" after running for about 15 minutes at normal loads or hi load i.e. gaming my mouse locks up for about 5-10 seconds, when im gaming and it does this the sound skips like a skipping record it repeats the last sound over and over till mouse unlocks up and all is normal again, i am also having a prob with my CDrom drive when i put a cd in it it takes forever to autoplay or to start up. are the 2 tied in together somehow? Any and all help is greatly appreciated! THX

Antec Case 300w PSU
A7V266 Mobo
AMD XP 1800+ running @ 1547
Western Dig 40 Gig 7200 rpm
768Meg PC2100 DDR Ram
64Meg GE Force2 GTS Pro
Stock HSF on CPU
Stock Fan on Northbridge
1 80mm blowhole intake fan up front low
1 80mm Exhaust fan top back
Average Temps from MBM
Case 29c
CPU 54c
it may be the cpu heating up too much, while 54 is hotter than i would like it is not too hot to run properly, but then there is also the chance that the insocket themometer is not reporting the temp properly and that overheating is casueing the lockups
hmm k im gonna go get some AS 3 and see if that lowers my temps some hence solving the lockups. Im going to be replacing the the stock HSF with either a Swifttech or Volcano 7+ but hopefully the Artic 3 will lower the temps some till i get my mind made up and the new HSF ordered
I would say there is a relationship with the CD problem. The system is being "hogged". When the system does that it is trying to access something and not finding it. I would guess that under a gaming situation it is probably seeking the CD and having problems with access. Try cleaning the CD. Perhaps its just dirty. You might also look at the way the CD is installed. Perhaps the CD is on its last legs. Finally are you running any apps in background like Prime '95? It will do that in those situations as well.
Bruno- Brand new pc2100 Ram 768 Meg of it

Tiger yeah i swapped out the CDrom drive with another i had here and havent seen any lockups yet although i havent tried gaming yet, and nothing running in the background other than MBM, Im thinking there is a problem with my floppy i have tried 2 diff floppies and i cant get it to run a burn in test it comes up to that part of the test scans the floppy shows a full cycle on the progress indicator then gives an error that say ensure there is a disk in the drive and the drive door is closed? I have a new floppy in the drive freshly formated and its closed does this on both floppies i tried all cables are hooked up just checked