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lol a bit too mutch voltage

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Nov 7, 2005
ok so earlyer today i was tyring to get some more stability at 3.6 on my proc(p4 530 [email protected] 3.6 still unstable)

so i uped the voltage untill it got to 1.45

so it still wasent stable to i dropd it back down to stock and [email protected]

bsod in the startup screen so i try at stock and same thing

so i went in and droped the fsb to 100(so fsb was 400 but mem was still 200 since i like to stick a divider when i drop the fsb)and the voltage at 1.4 and it finaly boots

so did i finaly screw my cpu?


Oct 13, 2005
That's a northwood right? (ignore this post if it's not)

There is a retired sticky about SDNS (sudden death northwood syndrome...or something like that), and in it they talk about how giving it too much voltage over time will degrade your overclock. So that's my guess as to what is happening.

About how long have you been running it oc'd and with high volts?

EDIT:: :bang head I just noticed you had a 530, and I feel stupid... I suppose it could be a similar thing tho.


Aug 31, 2004
Stamford, CT
That is most def a prescott. The 530 is an LGA-775 Prescott.

Try pulling the jumper on your motherboard. Totally reset the CMOS and then boot back up at stock settings, that should fix any problem you may be having.

Good luck!

1.45volts is def within the safe range for your chip, so you couldn't have really damaged anything unless your heatsink is seated very incorrectly.