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Lonely Raven...

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Senior Seti Addict
Jan 15, 2001
Denver, CO
It's pretty good from what he told me. He said it was doing considerably better than the corsair pc2700 ram I sold him with that P4.


Senior Member
Oct 5, 2001
Ottawa, Canada
IMHO, OCZ is 50/50. Alot of the people in the memory section has gotten pretty bad results from them, and gone through many RMA's to get a good stick. Although when you get a good stick, it's really good.

Although, I guess your question was more directed to Raven.

Lonely Raven

If you traded with me please leave me Heatware Sen
Feb 2, 2002
Wheaton, IL
I have three sticks of the OCZ PC-3000. And thanx to TC I also
have one stick of the Corsiar XMS PC-2700.

I broke the piggy bank when I saw RAM prices going up, I could
have scored this stuff when it was $60 a stick, but was dumb
and waited a week, and it was $80 a stick by the time I got
to the next computer show.

On my IWILL XP-333 I've had no problems getting all three of my
sticks to 175FSB, with only the onboard voltage adjustments.
Which if I remember correctly, are only core adjustments.
I've not had time to compair the XMS PC-2700 on the same board
under the same setup, as I've had a lot of board failures, and sold
a few of my systems in the past two weeks! So lots of hardware
has been swapped around just to keep my SETI WUs per day up.

On the Epox P4 board that I got from TC, the PC-2700 would
get to 145 FSB with all the voltages cranked up, but the OCZ
PC-3000 went up to about 147FSB with a 4:5 FSB to DDR ratio.
So it was going pretty damn fast!

But anything past 133 (and for some reason even at 133) the
system was never stable, and would either lock up at the
beginning of a SETI WU, or at the completion of a SETI WU.
Often with floating point errors, and oddly enough, even though
I could burn through Prime95 "torture test" for 48 hours straight
without a single damn lockup or FPU error!!! WTF!!! That was
with either RAM!

I've heard the stories about people having problems with some
of the OCZ DDR, and about ZERO problems with the Corsair.
As with anything I pick up on the internet, I take it all with a grain
of salt.

The guys at OCZ, knowing that I'm a MAD overclocker, told me
they have a piece of PC-3400 waiting for me to pick up in
the morning. Unfortunatly, the dude who was going to buy one
of my systems offa me this week, didn't show up. So I guess
I can't afford tell you how that ram is going to be for another
few weeks or so.