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Look what the IWILL KK266-r did to my performance!

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Mar 16, 2001
Hi there

System Specification
AMD Thunderbird [email protected]+ (9x169)
Cooled with the ThermoEngine V60-4210 & Delta fan
IWILL KK266-r Motherboard (Going to be modified soon)
2 x 128Mb Crucial CAS2 PC133 ram (Set @ CAS3)
2 x IBM 75GXP 15Gbb UDMA 100 HDD's, running RAID 0
Creative Geforce 2 Ultra 64Mb (core 300 / ram 533)
Hauppauage TV Theatre Card
SB Live 1024
Aopen Multi-Region DVD
HP 7200i CDRW
Enermax 431 watt PSU
Full Tower case
Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 900u NF Monitor
+ usuals

Here are the benchmarks:

CPUID (9x170 - 1530Mhz):

Sandra 2001 Benchmarks

Sandra 2001 CPU Benchmark (9x169 - 1521Mhz):

Sandra 2001 Multimedia Benchmark (9x169 - 1521Mhz):

Sandra 2001 Hard Disk Benchmark (2 x IBM 75GXP set at RAID 0):

Sandra 2001 Memory Benchmark (9x169 @ CAS3):

OcUK SETI Benchmark WU File

I decided to also run the OcUK SETI Benchmark WU to. My previous time was 4.76 I think, and I was around third position. I ran again and improved my time to 4h19m30s or 4.33
A very nice improvement, basically due to the very high FSB and amazing memory bandwidth.
Here is a link to the result:
OcUK SETI Benchmark Chart

3D Mark 2000


Directx7 with detonator 6.50 drivers (11020) - My DX7 Score

Directx8 with detonator 6.50 drivers (11010) - My DX8 Score

3D Mark 2001

Test run @ default in 32 bit colour with the NEW Detonator 11.00 drivers, check out the amazing result:

I got 4847 without using modified drivers.
The Geforce Ultra was downclocked to 285/520 to run the benchmark. I reckon 5000+ is possible with more stable drivers.

My 3D Mark 2001 Score

I checked the madonion database and it appears I have the fastest AMD Tbird & GF2 Ultra combo.
The only faster systems are P4's and GF3 Tbird systems.
Yeah Baby!

Quake 3 v1.17
Creative Geforce II Ultra was set at 300 core & 533 memory.

Quake 3 fastest with sound on LOW quality
with 4x AGP enabled
640x480 - 203fps
800x600 - 203fps
1024x768 - 195fps

High Quality with Sound on LOW quality
& AGP 4x enabled
800x600 - 180fps
1024x768 - 152fps
1280x1024 - 98fps
1600x1200 - 72fps

MAX Quality settings & Sound High quality
& AGP 4x
800x600 - 166fps
1024x768 - 140fps
1280x1024 - 90fps
1600x1200 - 65fps

It just gets better.

Final Reality


Just thought I would throw it in for the hell of it.

TLC SETI Benchmark WU

Coming Soon

The IWILL board has made me very happy. :)

Why is this not appearing in the forum?

It is only appearing under 'todays posts'.

Anyone know why?

Impressive, you must have a very good chip.

Did you try the KK266's manual voltage settings? You may notice that at 1.85 you are actually getting 1.97 - at least my board does.

Are you using the turc bios?

Which memory settings do you use?

Ohhh, hubba hubba hubba!

Gibbo205 (Mar 17, 2001 07:28 a.m.):
Why is this not appearing in the forum?

It is only appearing under 'todays posts'.

Anyone know why?


Hi Gibbo,

your post most probably failed reality check routine, but after a look by our moderator, it was posted though LOL. Admireable results you have, IWIll is starting to impress me, and when first palominos are out and compatebility is certain, I think I will get one. I am not familiure with the cooling you use, what is the thermo engine? And I thought the Iwill mobo supports DDR memory, does it, or not? Your rig is really FRAG-happy! Enjoy *)
thermo engine is a heatsink/fan with a very nice looking design.. and wax insert for greater heat xfer to teh top end... comes iwth a crap fan though... that would explain the delta