Looking for 2nd basic monitor for wall mounted extended desktop use

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Jul 12, 2007
My nephew already has a main monitor (MSI G27C4) for gaming. He is looking for a 2nd monitor for general desktop multi-tasking use. Nothing fancy, just a basic 1080p 60Hz monitor with wall mount and DP or DVI-D input. He plans to use it for things such as Discord, YouTube, etc while he is gaming on his main display.

His budget is $100 or less.

One example I found is Acer K242HQL on ebay. It is open box like new condition for $100.

Any other good suggestions?


Apr 29, 2010
Central FL
If it was me I would stick to the same size and type. I run a 27" for my main monitor and bought a 24" as a secondary when I was working from home. The smaller monitor just looked off next to the larger main and the stand I bought for them both wouldn't work because they were different sizes. Of course this all could have been my OCD kicking in but still something to consider. Otherwise just buy the cheapest thing you can get since it won't be gamed on.