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Looking for a Baby AT Mobo

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Akumu X

Dec 24, 2000
Near Pittsburgh
anyone know of any moderately cheap $100 - $120 range Baby AT mobo's that'll support a 600 Duron?
Also where to find it...thanks people.
you'll prollly have to settle for a PC-Chips or ECS brand, they make a lot of OEM stuff and should have the micro socketA style
No such thing. Nobody is making or will be making an AT format socket A motherboard. If you want AT, you'll have to go Intel or the older socket 7 platform. There are a few older BX models from Soyo and Tyan that may still be available. And PC Chips has a new all-in-one based on the 630 chipset in AT format. For socket 7 there are several boards you can still pick up from FIC and DFI, with a sprinkling of used Epox and Soyo boards. But as far as socket A goes, forget about it.
The above post is correct I have never seen a baby AT but PC Chips and I think Asus make a micro ATX socket A. The 2 formats are about the same size the main diff being the power supply. Inwin makes a very nice micro ATX case that would be perfect for your progect.

It kills me to say this but all the micro socket A boards I have seen are based on the ALI chip set at least I think it is ali but anyway they definatly do not use via and are much slower as a result. Intel micro boards using Intels 810 chipset will be better. I have one of these boards, a Biostar in my audio/video system as a game machine/mp3 player/vid capture and it has been working great.
I've been looking at the msi 6340m ..check it out..let us know what you think..I might buy one..
It has a via chip..anyone had any experience with this board ??