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Looking for a decent PC remote

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Nov 25, 2009
I am after a DECENT pc remote control that will enable to me to navigate through windows media center from my bed, and control the volume of the pc etc.

All the ones I can find by googling "windows media center remote" look just plain crappy and that would fall to bits in no time :confused:

I managed to get my PS3 remote working with my pc last night with Beta application - it seemed to work really well, but I had to stop and start it a few times to make it work sometimes which defeats the object, plus there are far too many buttons on the controller for a such a simple job.

Realisticly all you need is an arrow and select array, a back button, a volume control, a mute button and the usual play/pause/ff/rrwd/stop controls.

I just look at the controller for the mac and thinks why cant it be that simple!

Didn't Microsoft used to make such a device, as they dont appear to now.

Logitech Harmony controls look great but £££££££ and designed for multiple devices.

At the mo I take my wireless media keyboard to bed with us!

Any advice?