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Looking for a game that can run my cpu hard

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Jan 12, 2015
Used to run FAH to get 100% GPU and CPU sustained usage, but now they require you to register with BOINC and you cant run anonymously anymore (not really anyhow, since not gonna reg with BOINC). Plus I am trying to keep the box standalone (no internet connection).

Anyhow the best game I have found is CP2077, which can only run the CPU (5800x) at 26% in 4k ultra. The problem is the game is notorious for crashing, and usually only runs about 4 days before finally crashing.

I have been running a 5-core (10 thread) Primme-95 simultaneous with CP2077, which provides only about 95% total CPU usage. Plus I have to check to see if CP2077 has crashed every few days.

I am really just looking to run 100% GPU and CPU usage continuously without having to babysit the machine.

So, anyone know of a videogame that might task my CPU and GPU more than CP2077. Or a program that will run standalone and run them both 100%?
F@H isn't a stress test, yikes! I'd avoid using that program (incomplete WUs for this purpose isn't a good idea).

Makes sense a game at a wholly GPU-bound resolution isn't pushing the CPU... lower the resolution... but that won't get it to 100%...games rarely do (unless your processor is old, of course).

Soooo, why do you need to have the game run... I'm confused. If you just want 100% use, run a CPU stress test along with maybe Furmark or loop a 3DMark with it. :thup:
Little late to the thread but I've actually been doing something similar over the weekend, and so far found Unigine's Superposition on loop plus Prime95 with small FFTs seemingly the "best"/highest combined load.

Was trying the Firestrike Extreme benchmark in 3DMark at one point but Superposition seems to drive the GPU a little harder, likely as it's using all the new pretty features.

Note that with Superposition you'll have to get an Advanced key if you want the looped stress test, I'm OK with just sitting and hitting run on the benchmark :D