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Looking for a good Gaming Chair...need some ideas!

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AKA: JrMiyagi
Sep 25, 2015
My current home office chair is starting to get long in the tooth...and I'm looking at replacing it.

Since I do a lot of gaming, I would like the upgrade to be a gaming chair. A quick search on Amazon yields sooooooo many.

The ideal chair would be:
- Comfy (has to be comfy)
- Look cool
- Adjustable arms
- Adjustable height
- Swivel
- Lean forward/back
- Lumbar support (but adjustable - I have to adjust the lumbar in my car when I do long driving trips)
- Neck/head support (but not forcing me to keep my head forward)
- Wheeled base (my ADHD kicks in and I have to move the chair...plus I like putting it under my desk when I'm not in it)

A nice bonus would be:
- A "shelf" (right side) to put a joystick on while I am playing my current favorite game Elite Dangerous
- LEDs (everything looks cooler with LEDs)

So - what do you guys use, and any recommendations?

See if you can find a good deal on a commercial grade office chair. While it's likely to cost more than a Walmart special, the cheap chairs don't last so paying more for a good one ends up cheaper in the long run. From what I have read, see if a basic Lifetime brand chair (*not* a flimsy knock off) is comfortable for you, since that's the cheapest (~$40 each) chair that is built to last.
I went through this recently.

Budget (not a soft budget, I need a "I am willing to spend $XXX on a chair) is absolutely paramount.
Thanks for the feedback.

I'm looking to spend around $500 or so...any more than that then I'll have to buy something new for the house for my wife (already did new dining room furniture, new kitchen table, and new family room furniture for the graphics cards I bought late last year - hehe).

@Janus67 - I've had one of those chairs at work in the past...super comfy...but doesn't pass the "Look Cool" test. :-(

The DxRacer chair looks cool...I was eyeballing that one...
I have one of these and love it (Herman Miller Aeron):


Picked it up on craigslist for $300. They have headrests and such also available.
I'm with Janus and Soul on this one, I've had numerous chairs in the past. I even converted one of my Corbeau racing seats into a desk chair. Out of all the ones I've had the Aeron is my favorite, it's comfortable and you also don't sweat while sitting in it. It may not have the "cool" factor but......
Fantastic chair!

Solid build quality...super comfortable...and built like a brick.

Only downside is that I have stubbed my toe a few times on the base getting into and out of the chair. The base is solid!

I now have a "dismount move" to avoid toe stubbing!!!

For those looking for a comfy chair, you can buy an office chair with armrests and then buy something called a Purple Seat Cushion or Seat Pillow. These guys got into the mattress business recently and they're blowing up so much, they took the same material and started making inserts for furniture cushion covers and pillows for sitting. I tell ya, easy work around, and you would be hard pressed to find an affordable chair that'd be as comfortable as one of these pillows. They even make longer ones that can be fitted to the back of your chair. It's amazing. I tried my cousin's sort of ghetto rigged "gaming" chair he made with these pillows and there's no more numb butt, sweaty back or legs, and if your office chair is tall enough then it can support the top of a back mounted pillow enough for it to be a headrest.
It isn't the comfort of the chair that is the issue, it is the integrity of the stool part that is mine. :)

I get this feeling that I'm going to plop off the back of my chair at some point. That said, Been using a pillow for the headrest, because when i lean my head back all the way, to actually use the headrest, My eyes are looking a good two feet over the top of my monitors, and I don't have any shelves in which to put them on to match them to it. So I get a pillow from my bed lol.
I absolutely loathe my AK Racing chair. In fact, I may donate it to the CIA since they can no longer water board people. Put em in this chair for 15 minutes and they'll scream for mercy.