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Looking for a pump

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Dec 19, 2000
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I am looking for an inexpensive pump that I can run from my power supply. Does anyone know where I can find a dc pump like this. Pumps usually don't take much more current than fans so my power supply should handle it. I really don't want to have a seperate plug and switch just for my water cooled rig.
I bought a Rule 24 Bilge pump for $11. It pumps 360 GPH at 12VDC (yellow wire +, black wire -, in case you didn't know :) ). I wrote an article for tips & techniques on this... still don't see it though... *** COUGH hint COUGH *** :)

Anyway, the pump is submergible (although I'm trying to make mine an inline right now), and it has a 3/4" outside diameter out tube. The pump itself is about 2" in diameter, and about 3" tall without the strainer (you don't need to worry about clogs, you're only pumping liquid). I did a good chunk of reading on bilge pumps, and everyone recommends Rule pumps.
Oh Geez... um... I can't remember the place exactly... It was something like marine-warehouse.com. If you search off google for RULE 24 360 GPH, it'll bring up a couple of stores that sell it. That's how I found it.
I got a 500 gph 12 volt pump from here. They have them on sale for $19.95 right now. It works pretty good. They also have 1000 gph 12 volt pumps there too.
So a rule pump is the way to go. How reliable are they? Would you be worried to run yours 24/7? I know many fishie pumps only have one moving part and the Rule has seals and many other components to break down over time. Another question are any of you running yours from the psu?
When I was reading around the internet for information on bilge pumps, every boating site recommended Rule. I figure that hundreds of preppy yachters can't be wrong.

As for running it 24/7, I broke it in for 11 hours at 12 volts, and it was fine. But because I'm going for silence, and not performance, I rewired mine for 5 volts, and I ran it for four days without a hitch. The water never so much as got warm. Someone warned me that they are not designed to be run 24/7, but I haven't had any problems. If you're concerned about running it all the time at full 12VDC, I'd suggest just lowering the voltage or reversing the leads (reversing the leads on a Rule pump runs it at 20% capacity). But I don't think it's an issue.

Heh :) fishie pumps. As far as I can tell, the Rule pump only turns the impeller, so I figure that with the exception of the motor, that is the only moving part. If you check out Rule's homepage it says that it is lubricated by the water, which is a plus.

When I was breaking the pump in, and testing it, I had it hooked into my 250 watt generic POS power supply. Yellow wire for +12, red wire for +5. I don't have any other method for giving it 12VDC, so I just used tap splices with the corresponding wire.

Reassured? :)
Mines been running 24/7 for about 1 1/2 months now with no problems. I am running mine off my Enermax 431 watt power supply. I'm pretty sure mines a bilge pump too but it's not a Rule pump.