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SOLVED Looking for a quiet case

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Get an external drive and burn your disks to hdd...media server. ;)
Easier said than done and not cheap if you have a large collection but.... Yessss. Plex with docker. Only way to home movie. (well not the only but it's good enough that you don't really have to look at the other options too hard unless there is some feature you want that plex doesn't have)
Edit: forgot to say... ODD are gross! You could have an 8tb wd red in that sata slot. :D
Ooooooor, 5-6x 2TB Reds in RAID. :)
I just can't commit to drives with such small capacity anymore. When I saw how quickly my media server filled I knew that every drive I buy from now on will be 8tb and when I have a couple I will start a ZFS pool. Right now just JBOD is enough for me
ODD are gross!

Some are bee-yoo-ti-ful! While sounding wayyyyy better than any computer motherboard audio. An outboard DAC isn't in my budget for a while, so I burn CDs. The usual procedure is rip the CD to HDD and burn a copy with the Plextor ODD for the CD player. Keeps the original pristine and provides much higher quality audio than even my admittedly good mobo audio section.

Marantz SA8260.jpg
Well I can't argue with that. I'm guessing you know of a program called Exact Audio Copy? Are you storing them lossless as well then? FLACC or .wav?
Mostly lossless .wav, some FLAC. I use Nero to burn CD format discs because the player is a little picky, but they sound very good. The Cirrus Logic DACs in the Marantz are nice.

I'm guessing you know of a program called Exact Audio Copy?

This guy? :D

Yeah I used to be all about audio quality. Of course I was pushing it through a CreativeLabs Sound Blaster 5.1. I wonder how that compares to the onboard audio of higher end motherboards these days. I spent a few months using this: https://www.tubedepot.com/products/tubecube-7-dreambox-hifi-set, although none of my inputs really did it justice (cheap turntable and chromecast audio). It eventually quit working, never got it fixed, but I guess for the price I shouldn't be surprised. Now I'm powering the speakers with a small Orb audio amp, which is adequate, but nothing impressive.

I definitely enjoy the higher quality, but I can live with the normal stuff, and aside from a dozen or so vinyl records, I don't really have the media to justify it. Almost everything is just streaming compressed for me at this point.
Pretty cool. I didn't know motherboards did that. Actually just hooked up my budget Sennheiser Momentum headset / over ear cans and they do sound pretty good. A lot better than the BT Jaybirds. But it is nice to be able to walk away in a game and hear when the next match starts.
I splurged on a pair of Sennheiser 598 cans myself. The replaceable op amp is something I think they only did for this board, I haven't seen it anywhere else.
I have noticed that with the Jaybirds, probably because they are buds, I could never really locate footsteps or gunshots. That alone is enough to get me to stop using them to game. If I could find some cans that were comfortable to wear with glasses though, I'd be all about that, because these are not.
My 598s don't give me any issues with my glasses. The 579 cans sound pretty good, too, and cost a fair bit less than the 598s.
I'm pretty closet to pulling the trigger on the Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X Gaming Headset / Sennheiser Gaming One Headset (I believe they are the same). I ready some pretty good reviews on headfi. Also could definitely go with the 598s and add a mic. Will do some more reviews today. I ready some good reviews of the PC37X on headfi, although at least one of them was a Sennheiser rep.

I considered just using my Momentum over ear's, as I was able to make them substantially more comfortable by bending the headband a bit. Not sure why I never thought of that. But I still don't think they're ideal for longer sessions. I kind of forgot they actually sounded good, but now this has me going down a dark path lol.

I hope you don't mind me derailing the thread a bit. It seems like you've narrowed down the cases pretty well.
I never mind audio discussions. LOL I chose the 598s over the 579s based solely on the frequency range, not because the 598 sounds notably "better" anywhere in the 579s range. I may still get a set of the 579s. They are nice and smooth without lacking detail.

On cases: So far I've only gotten to the Antec P101 Silent, which just pushes all the buttons so far, and the Fractal R6 Define Silent. The Fractal is a little on the large side for a mid tower but it has a lot of the features I love in my Phanteks, plus available in white, but I'm still liking that Antec.

edit: The be quiet! Silent Base 601 looks promising, as well if the dimensions are reasonable. I'm kind of screwed on the size, though, being restricted to the ATX mobo I'm using.

edit 2: Actually, the Fractal is coming in ahead in the size war, too.
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Having a hell of a time finding the TT or the P101 anywhere, or anywhere with rational prices. The TT is suddenly a contender, but both the TT and the Antec will knock the R6 out of the running if they can beat it on price. The TT with tempered glass does that, but I can't find one with the solid panel and the Antec is proving to be a unicorn unless I want to pay $125 shipping-which I most certainly do not. LOL

The Fractal costs the most. The Antec is a @#*! unicorn. The TT can be had for $120, and can actually be had. The field has been narrowed down pretty well.
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Wow I'm really surprised by that shipping number. Maybe worth waiting a week or two to see if it comes back into stock though if its the one you really want.

In the headphone territory, it turns out the 37X aka gaming one use the same drivers as the 598. For $120 that's an absolute steal. Thing is, I'm tempted to jump to the 58X or 6XX. Turns out my motherboard has some features which make me think that it will have no problem driving the 150 ohm 58X and possibly even handle the 300 ohm 3XX aka 350. These are: 120dB SNR DAC and TI® NE5532 Premium Headset Amplifier. There's a whole thread on the amp here and results seem mostly positive. For travel/other uses, well I have the Momentums and the Jaybrids, so I'd be ok having a dedicated set to the PC. My next phone probably won't even have a 3.5mm jack. All in I'm probably leaning towards the 58X, as they are less expensive and many reviewers seem to prefer them to the 3XX/350.

I guess I'm just hesitant that I'd be able to tell the difference, since the Momentum Over Ears are probably the best headphones I've heard at this point. Most people seem to think that even with high end gear, it is difficult to notice the difference between lossless and 320kbps, so I guess my source is adequate. Also nervous that I'm buying into an onboard audio gimick, as it does just seem a little too good to be true. I guess really only one way to find out, and a simple (though not inexpensive) solution if it's a disappointment.