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Looking for a recommendation on a case and psu for NAS

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Mar 18, 2015
Ive been planning on building my own case for NAS for quite some time, but when the rubber meets the road, I think a prebought will serve better. Ive been looking at the Fractal Node 804 and it seems to fit the bill, but I wonder if there is anything better. This Anandtech review tells the whole story. It seems like a good case, but I am concerned with swapping drives in the future being a pain (hence looking for better options). If the Air540 and Air 240 supported more drives they would be in the running as well.

Must haves:

- micro atx compatible
-as many 3.5" drives as possible (but more than 5 is needed as of today, room for expansion is appreciated, Node 804 has 8)


-similar price range or less than Node 804 ($124 at the time of this post)

As a side request, I could stand to upgrade my psu for the NAS. I know I don't need anything special. All I am really looking for is something that has a larger than normal compliment of SATA power plugs. While I know I can use splitters (and will if I have to) , I would rather just have alot of native plugs available. I have heard that some brands of splitters are firehazards and I wouldnt like to take the chances if I dont need to. Placement of my NAS has me more concerned with airflow in my NAS than desktop and will have to give one sata power plug to the fan controller as well (my board only has 2 fan headers, so the fan controller is going to be used for sure). TIA.
You will be hard-pressed to find a better mATX chassis with 8+ 3.5" bays than that Node 804.
You will be hard-pressed to find a better mATX chassis with 8+ 3.5" bays than that Node 804.

This is what I have been finding out. I did not think it was such a small space in the market. I found a Silverstone or 2 but not any that offer more than 8 bays. There is also a price bump that comes with those silverstone cases.

There is one case that was a serious competitor for the Node 804, and if I could buy it today I would. The MK735 is about 220 hours worth of printing on a standard 3d printer. If there were an option to simply have it printed and shipped for less than the cost of the Node, I would do that in a heartbeat. Even though this case didnt make the cut for my project I think it deserves an honorable mention.
If you're not in a hurry I read that a company bought out Caselabs and is planning on restoring the full line-up in time. You might want to check them out, though they are priced rather high as well.

EDIT: Mountain Mods may be another brand to look at if you haven't they are highly modular and might offer something.
Not exactly in a hurry, but I've been putting this project off for a while so... kind of. I'd like to hold out for a real 'wow factor' case but this thing is hidden anyway and just needs to be serviceable. I found this cooler aster n400 (https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/cases/mid-tower/n400/) and grabbed it quick because the Node was out of stock. My only real regret with this case is the 8 drive limit. I am already maxing out my sata ports and intend to add in an HBA.

For now I will live in this case and choose higher density drives. When I reach the end of that road I may have another look at a rack and rack mounted case. Thanks for the suggestions guys :thup: