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looking for feedback about fastest cable modem !

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May 8, 2001
Glenolden Pa
Like the subject says anyone have any thoughts about what cable modem gives the best performance ? Seems the high end units no longer require an lan card and use the USB port.

Please leave me your experiences.

Thanks Billy
My Cable modem is a 3com HomeConnect but it is 2 years old and I dont think theymake them anymore. I never noticed a difference between USB and ethernet. Do you have any info to back that up Gregory?
Can't say from personal experience, but I've heard numerous times that the USB is slower.
Can't say from personal experience, but I've heard numerous times that the USB is slower.
Doesn't USB require a ton of CPU overhead? Might not be faster or slower per se, but would slow down the rest of the system significantly.
Well, USB is beneficial for just about 2 reasons.
A.) if you want to share internet access between 2 computers and only have 1 network card in each system
B.) If you dont' have a network card, or are changing the modem between a laptop and desktop.

I never tried using USB on my desktop, because i have an ethernet hub that my 3 computer LAN plugs into, it doesn't make sense to use USB in this case.
I can GUARANTEE that ethernet is faster than USB. I can not, however, claim that you will actually see any difference. USB has a maximum data transfer rate of either 11 or 13 Megabits per second. Can't quite remember. Ethernet has a transfer rate of 100 Megabits per second, which is obviously faster.

I would think a usb cable modem would be easier to use though. Just plug it in and get it running, but you can't hook it to a router for a shared connection like an ethernet cable modem.
Ethernet is ONLY faster when you have somthing like T2...that is when you will see a speed increase from going from USB to ethernet...otherwise no cable service lets us get 9Mbp/s...another example I can think of is if you are plugged into a LAN....you can see a difference between 100Mbp/s and 9Mbp/s but you can't even get into a LAN with USB anyway :p