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looking for new case & ps (bad experience with antec)

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Jul 15, 2001
Hey guys, i'm looking for a new power supply and case, here are my requirements:

Power Supply -
First off, since i've been looking for a new ps for a while, I ran out to buy the antec 403 400 watt power supply that was on sale at Comp-Usa....didn't work out too well. I hooked up the new ps, but it wouldn't work. sometimes it would power up, but the computer wouldn't boot. Othertimes, nothing would happen but i'd hear a strange and funny noise. I finnaly figure out that the female pins inside the adapter were all screwed. they were bent all out of shape, had to rebend them in place. Unfortunately they slipped in and out of the adapter easily, so some of the pins would not connect to the motherboard and screw things up. It ended up slightly ruining my motherboard (Asus a7v133) as now none of the fans plugs (cpu, case, etc) on the motherboard work. So I put my old, crappy ps back in. The other thing I did not like about the antec, no hard power switch on the back. That was a biggie for me, even if the ps had worked, i did not like that it did not have the hard power switch.

So, I'm looking for a good, relible power supply, minimum 350 watts, with a hard power off switch in back, around $75 at most (preferable in the $50 range) and QUIET. The antec was acceptably quiet, but a little louder than my previous ps. So anything that is quieter than the antec 403 400w would be great.

As for a case - It must be no wider than a standard case. It must have: slide out motherboard, a front bottom fan inlet that is cut out (not just slapped on like some crappy cases), and at least 1 fan exhaust cut out on top, the side, and the rear. I don't care whether or not it is aluminum, but i'm guessing aluminum is more expensive and I'm not willing to pay the extra cost. Also, beige color. I saw to Li-ion (company spelling?) cases that were aluminum and nice, but I didn't want to spend in the >$150's. Preferably it would cost around $100 shipped & tax, but i'm willing to go up to $150 shipped & tax if it's really nice and will last.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, and a bit off subject, anybody know about the overclocking abilities of the asus kt333 board? From what I have experienced, the asus a7v133 that I have doesn't overclock too well..

Hey Bruin,

Only thing I can say about the psu is "avoid a1electronicsinc" products. As far as the case goes, newegg has some really nice cases on sale right now. I didn't notice any with blow holes, but there is one with 2 fan mounts ea in the front and back, with a side mount for another fan already in place.

Good luck