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Looking for some input before starting Watercooling Project

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Apr 25, 2001
Hi everyone,

Very soon I'm going to be starting on my first watercooling system. I pretty much have an idea what I need, but I wanted some opinions and advice before I start ordering things. This will most likely be used on a brand new AXIA on a KT7A, but if I can't afford it, it will keep my old Tbird 800 running at 1017 all summer :)
Heres what I have in mind so far:

Dangerden CUBE
Dangerden MAZE2+Coldplate combo
Peltier of unknown wattage
Pump of unknown GPH
Home made resivoir
Panaflo 120mm fan
Old AT PSU for peltier and fans

The big question for me is what sized peltier should I use? I don't want anything overpowered, but enough to get full potential from my CPU.

The other question would be what pump should I use? I'm looking for something fairly quiet (8 months of FOP38 noise is enough!) and with a good lift height.

Lastly, and semi off-topic, wheres a good online store to get an AXIA T-bird and a REV 1.1 KT7A?

I'm going to take lots of pictures and post to my website when I'm done, hopefully help others in the future!

Thanks again everyone!

i have just built a homemade h2o cooling system and am pretty pleased with it. just a few weeks ago i was new to this but i learned alot. i bought the socket a-mazing block from danger den, i also got the cold plate and hold down with it. then i went to www.tedist.com and bought the ice71 (p). it is 80 watts, 40mm*40mm and it pretty good for the average overclocker i think. i use a transmission cooler for a radiator. motherboard monitor 4 says the temp at idle is -50F and at full load -5. good luck
eradda02 (Apr 26, 2001 07:45 p.m.):
Do you get any condensation with the 80w pelter??

of course, but a little prevention like silicon and neoprene on the cold areas does the job, ive had no problems. another problem is when i turn off the comp and peltier, the ice on it melts and was dripping on to my voodoo! but no problem, more silicon and neoprene worked like a charm
Mike: Are you cooling an Intel P3 or Celeron with that 80w tec? TBirds produce a lot more heat and IMHO 156w tec's are the smallest that will give results.
ken257 (Apr 26, 2001 08:24 p.m.):
Mike: Are you cooling an Intel P3 or Celeron with that 80w tec? TBirds produce a lot more heat and IMHO 156w tec's are the smallest that will give results.

celeron II 566@ 1050 @ 1.9v
eradda02 (Apr 26, 2001 08:45 p.m.):
do you think i would need a peilter with a water cooling system??

it all depends on how far you would like to push the processor. if you have a duron, ive heard most people go with peltiers because amd's are so hot.
ok, well you have the right water block to do anything you want. It all really depends on the cpu if you have, you can get a much lower wattage peltier if you have an Intel chip. You will have to get a high wattage peltier running off a seperate power supply for an athlon/duron system. There is a program to calculate the wattage of a cpu called radiate, just don't know a link for it. Hope this helps some.