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Looking for the 2 clear glass panels for the o11d

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Apr 16, 2011
I have the PC Master Race edition of the Lian Li o11 Dynamic with the mirror glass panels. I was wondering if anyone had or knew where to get the clear version of those panels. I like to switch up things all the time. I emailed Lian Li and they sent a link to Aliexpress panels but I wouldn't trust Aliexpress with a piece of paper let alone glass. Plus they want around $70 for just the side panel and shipping. I really like this case but If I can't find the panels I might just sell it and get something else. Let me know guys.


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Newegg & Microcenter are both authorized resellers for Lian Li in the US. Maybe contact an actual human at one of their B&M locations & ask if they can order the panels for you.
Not that I would buy from Aliexpress either but $70US seems pretty reasonable for a side panel. You might also call Performance PCs. They might be able to get one for you but be ready to pay their premium price for it.
It's been on sale for two years here. :p

Tickle, if it isn't for sale, please report your classifieds thread and I'll move it.
I don't ever remember putting this up for sale. I mentioned I might sell it in the future on this post though. If I have this for sale somewhere on this site I apologize. Please delete that post if I made one.
Indeed! I'll take care of it this time, but reporting the thread is how we get notification. Previously you had the ability to move your own threads to SOLD! but since we upgraded the site, that ability hasn't returned (yet).

We had a mod that used to clean that place up, but, haven't seen them around much lately. :(