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Looking to back up some of my software disks, any suggestions?

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May 9, 2004
Little Rock, AR
I recently noticed a program called X-Copy at my local Compusa while I was there picking up a cd rom for a new rig. I checked it out and it claims that it can make an exact copy of any Cd. This would be useful because I'm a person that has always backed up any software I've ever bought to CD so that I don't have to buy the software again once the cd gets scratched up(which they always manage to do) What made me think of it tonight was the fact that I wanted to play WC3 for a few minutes before heading off to bed, and I noticed that it was missing from my CD case. And I began to wish that I had a backup of it on my storage drive. Now I tried burning WC3 to an Iso before and it wouldn't take. And as you know a lot of Devs use some form of "magic" :rolleyes: to make their discs uncopyable...well to prevent people from making workable copies anyway. I know that some cdrw/burn prog combinations seem to be able to burn anything. I'm just trying to find either a recommendation on a good cdrw/burn prog combo, or some software that will actually let me create a burnable .iso. I'm pretty sure that reproducing cd's that you own for yourself and not to distribute or sell to others is perfectly legal. But if I've somehow missed something feel free to inform me. Thanks in advance.