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Looking to get a 400-431 watt power supply. Any suggestions?

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Feb 25, 2002
Ogden, Utah, USA
I need to buy a new power supply so I can get both of my good machines working, now that I have a Cpu to donate to my old machine (my old 900 athelon). The PSU will be going in my Lian Li case. Just wondering what brands or modles users of this forum would recommend. I was thinking something from ENERMAX. What would be a good one to get?

Enermax. Antec, or Sparkle. I have an enermax 431w, it's working great. Temp controlled fans had to be modded a bit, but that's just personal preference. I really like the clear fan blades on the 92mm fan mounted on the bottom of the psu. I stuck a super bright red led inside the psu and now the fan glows red!
i concur with my fellow board members on this one. I have the 431 enermax and i have never a single problem to date. It is not very loud and stable as a rock. You can't go wrong with it i know that.
There's a special going on with the Antec 400watt, it goes for 50 bucks and its the best 400watt you can get for performance and price right now.
I need one that could support up to five hard drives. burner lights and the full works. I don't think that I need 500w I will probably go with the Enermax. What model do you think that I should go with. I don't mind spending money for good equipment.
Even though you have made your choice I will though my vote in for Antec or if you have more money PC power & cooling.
Maddman said:
Even though you have made your choice I will though my vote in for Antec or if you have more money PC power & cooling.

This man has got it in one! Antec and PC power & cooling put out some high voltage, which is just what you want with all that hardware. Go for power over looks!

I don't know about Antec or some of the others, but my Enermax 451P-VE has 8 4-pin Molex connectors plus two of the smaller ones like used on a floppy drive. And all the wiring is LONG, no problems even in the tallest tower case reaching the bottom drives.

Just my $.02
I gotta say my advice is to go for the Enermax. I'm running the 431W Enermax. I've had no troubles in the time I've had it. Although this is the only PSU I've ever really had. So I can't really compare to the rest.
If you want more ideas go to the AMD approved list and look at total wattage and then the total wattage available to the 3.3 and 5 volt rails.
go for the 400W antec hoot was reccomneding. you can
pick it up at your local COMP USA for 70 + 20 in rebates.
I think CompUSA had the 400watt as a special, it's being revised back to 100USD. I personally would buy the Enermax 431watt for 81.00 instead @ newegg or something.

my 2p, im english!

I would recommend an Antec if you are planning to use epox boards cus they suck those 3 & 5 volt rails up and my 431w enermax i used to own till a week ago just couldn't pop the power, so I got a trusty Antec to power me up. cost the same as the enermax for me ....welll a bit cheaper, cus i got it bundled with the black Antec server case.
i saw a big thing to do with PSU's a while back and they rated the top 10 out there and enlight came about in the middle which is pretty damn good. If I can remember straight I think it was 225W along the 3 & 5 volt rail, which is only 20W difference with the antec and i think there a lot cheaper.
i have an enermax 431, but really havent gotten to use it yet. however, i read about someone here have the enermax 550w one, and had a bad 12v line drop, i hope i dont have that problem. but for $50., the one hoot is talking about is a steal.:D