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Looking to ReGas my Single Stage

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Jan 12, 2015
Dear Members,

I have a leak in my SS that was built by Mythicaltech at Xtremesysytems. This is a upgrade over the one I got from bmwbaxter (-35c) as it has a 1hp compressor and a BartX (-52.3c) evap.
I have a local HVAC tech working on fixing and repairing the SS.

The HVAC tech says that the Compressor states r-22 to be used BUT wants to know what would you guys recommend to be used for best performance.
- I found this info in an old email from Mythicaltech on what oil was used - At around 2 tomorrow I will be testing it with r290 to make sure it is running smoothly and then Monday it will get its final charge of r507.

R507 can go down colder than R290, I'd expect you should fill with R507 to keep the original performance it had.

If the compressor and evap are compatible with it, R410A is more common than those and goes down colder. I'd be curious to see if it performs better that way.
So what type of reaction did you get from the hvac guys when you explained it was for a computer?

I would love to find one of these to play with. Interested in how this goes.
I had a SS back during the P4 days. It was a Promethia Mach1 and had a HVAC guy locally repair and regas with R22. Managed to get the P4 "Presshott" down to -34. I can't remember who I sold it to tho. Wow, it's been ages since I played with anything like that.
The one I got from bwmbaxter is not bad for the small cpus :) It can handle (have fun with) the i7-47xx -> i7-77xx BUT struggles with the i7-3930k/4930k :-(
@ BugFreak
I had looked on E-Bay -> ( https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=refrigeration+condensing+unit&_sacat=42909&_sop=15 ) and found some basic setups for $400 -> $900 BUT they did not include the Evaporator (the hose + cpu cold plate). I would have to buy those separately (BartX in Poland -> $85 eu - or roughly - $100 us is currently the best cold plate for cpus & gpus ) and then put it together :-(
I knew I could get the stuff BUT putting it together was another story. I looked around on here, at OCN, HwBot, and joined XtremeSystems to find all the info about this stuff. I found Mythicaltech there ( Very, VERY Few in the usa still do this stuff) and he agreed to build one for me :) The total was ~ $825 (Sept <-> Dec 2020) with shipping from Vermont. It was ~$700 for the SS and then $100 for the BartX evap.
Talk to your local hvac (hopefully you have one that services your home) and see if they can put one togther from the parts you would buy. You can also talk to them as mine was fasinated about this being used to cool just a cpu.