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looking to the future

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New Member
May 15, 2001
I've been reading alot about the shortly to be released Athlon SMP boards. While I start to drool at the idea of 2 tbirds making a combined total of at least 3 ghz, I also worry about the thermal load that two of those little buggers will produce.

I am currently looking at building a bong/cooling tower w/ pelt. Looking, right now. Thinking about SMP boards, one would hopefully be able to install two of the maze2 blocks or something similiar (that bolts to the motherboard) without worrying about them banging into each other. SO ideally, I get my grubby paws on an SMP board by the end of the year. then what? 170+watt pelts for each chip, and each chip gets its own waterblock, as well as one for the northbridge, and maybe same fans to blow on the ram, as that may well be DDR. How much of a heat load is this going to be, and what is the minimal air cooled solution? what would the minimal watercooled solution be? perhaps a 4-5 ft. x 1-2 ft. water tower with a 6-10 gallon resevoir? what kind of power would this require? at least 400watts for the mobo and components, and then a seperate source for the pelts, and then plug the tower cooler into the wall?

What are the experiences of people running dual celeron or pentium rigs?
(and why stop at two? why not make a 4+ processor board for tbirds or palaminos?)