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looking to upgrade now that my motherboard died, also some socket questions

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May 14, 2009
New Orleans area
well, its been a good 8 years with my current baby. she ran everything great, was able to run mediumish setting on 4k with my 770's

so, im trying to find a replacement for my 920. the 920 has the full 2 way x16, and id like to keep that if possible. from the research ive done, the 'replacement' for lga 1366/x58 was lga 2011? but now thats kind of old, but it seems i think skylake has replaced that? x99? unfortunatly it seems the best option for that is ****ing 500+mobo+ddr4.

while im not opposed to spending good money for good **** that lasts, 1g is quite a load of money. so my questions are
also, id like to record 4k video @60fps. i couldnt do that with either my cpu or gpus. so i guess that falls under encoding?
  • whats the current replacement for lga 1366?
  • what price range am i looking at?
  • is there better stuff like right around the corner? ie this quarter or mabye next.



Sim Racing Aficionado Co-Owner
Jun 28, 2012
X99 is today's equivalent of X58.
If you can't pony up the cash for X99 then you're looking at Z170.

So... what price range are you looking at?

Dual x16/x16 has basically no impact on GPU performance unless benchmarking, especially on a 770 which can't saturate a 3.0 x16 bus anyway.