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Lookng for Nouveau

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Aug 26, 2007
Dayton, Ohio
Just installed Mint8, but decided that since i no longer game I should up my 2d support. Read that the Nouveau driver, based on the nv driver, uses the 3d pipelines to improve 2d performance (or some-such, i'm a user, not a programmer)

i know it's getting worked into upcoming releases of Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, and openSUSE (it's already in some of them) but I want it now.

So the Nouveau driver:

Was wondering if anyone had experience with it?

Should I goto the hassle of trying to get it to work?


Apr 23, 2001
I use the Nouveau driver, its stable and I don't game

Can't say I have an opinion on it other than it works, it does not seem superior to any other driver imho


Oct 28, 2006
Raleigh, NC
I used the nouveau driver for a couple of months. I really like how they are progressing with it, plus it is the only option for Nvidia KMS. I only stopped using it recently to start developing with CUDA & OpenCL.

Its pretty easy to get to work, but you'll probably need to reconfig your kernel. It needs Mesa 7.6+, and nvidia framebuffer support support.