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Lossless Scaling Frame Generation x3 Review

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Aug 14, 2014
"There are so many fake or useless programs that claim to boost your FPS in games, but Lossless Scaling can actually do it! But like other frame generation techniques, there are certainly cons along with the pros. In this video we test out LSFG x2 and the new x3 mode."

"Link to Lossless Scaling on Steam (not sponsored) https://store.steampowered.com/app/99..."

0:00 Tripling FPS with LSFGx3
0:50 YT can't show you 120FPS, but I can do 50% speed slow mo
1:06 Image artifacts caused by frame generation
2:16 Check out amazing value PC builds at Jawa!
3:36 So should you use LSFG?
4:05 Discussing Lossless Scaling app, how it works, why it has pros and cons
5:45 It doesn't work with g-sync (doesn't support variable refresh rate)
6:26 LSFG won't be as good as DLSS 3 or FSR 3, it's more like AFMF
7:28 Some discussion of LSFG vs AFMF
7:41 You have to run the game at an even factor of your monitor's refresh rate
8:23 The higher your base FPS before FG, the better it looks and feels
8:49 Testing LSFGx2 to go from 60FPS to 120FPS
9:56 Enabling FG has a performance cost, so you need some headroom
10:25 This will work better in some games and situations than others
11:45 Bypassing Elden Ring's 60FPS cap via LSFGx2
13:29 Final Thoughts

It's a program that sits in the background, like a game trainer, you tab out and activate the options you want.