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Lost 2Gb's while using PartitionMagic Pro 7

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Nov 11, 2001
Well i needed some extra space on my second partition drive D: so i launched PartitionMagic and did all the necessary adjustments.... well everything went well.... rebooted started the whole process but when it got to 73% my comp decided to lock up :( well now the 2Gb's i was gonna take away from drive C: and add to drive D: is gone.... PartitonMagic Pro shows C:\ -2Gb and D:\+2Gb but under "My Computer" and C:\ "Properties" the Gb's have gone but under D:\ "Properties" they're not there..... how can i fix this?? plz help.....
I'm not sure how to fix it. I haven't used Partition Magic in a long time. You may just want to format and reinstall your OS. That is what I do when things start acting a little "funny." Maybe someone else has some better advice. Good luck.
it probably didn't get finished resizing D:. try resizing it again. you're pretty lucky, I was doing a resize once, and it stoped in the middle. lost some data (fortunately not too much but still a PITA to fix it).
Were you overclocked? High FSBs can corrupt data.
And then again, those 2gig are probably unallocated. I used part. Magic before why running XP. I lost about 5 gigs, but when I went to computermanagent/storage, thats when I found my five gigs. I just wanted to add it to one of the partitions but it didn't work. So my ex boss gave me a copy of Server Magic. Haven't had a chance to use that yet but he says it works best with NTFS.
Well i didnt lose any data... and im not o/c'd.... I tried to resize the partition with PartitionMagic again but i cant because it shows that the 2Gb's were added to drive D:\.... but they're not..... I dont think formating C:\ would do any good.... and i dont want to lose all the data on drive D:\ thousands of mp3's, about 20+ divx movies... by complete format and repartition.... isnt there something i can do to just reallocate those 2gbs to drive D:\.. if anybody has any suggestions plz help... thx again
run a scan disk and see if windows notices something wrong.

It's might find the problem and recover the lost space for you.

Might be the operative word. :)
Problem solved!!! ok i ran PartitionMagic again... I added 1 extra gig to drive D: and it found the 2 lost Gigs so all is Ok thx for the help