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Lost Work Units

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Lonely Raven

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Feb 2, 2002
Wheaton, IL
Ok, help me out here.

You know when your overclocking, and your machine locks up
just as it enters windows, or worse yet, after a long hard
WU it crashes as 79% and the WU is lost?

I've been working on polishing and tweeking my machines this
past week, and I keep losing WU's to crashes. And whats worse,
When I download a new one and try to crunch it, the SETI CLI
works at 99% for hour and hours, but doesn't crunch a thing!

Does anyone know how I can save my SETI CLI/DRIVER/SPY
setup without having to blow is all away and redownload it?
I've lost hours and hours and hours of processing this way,
and makes me wonder if I should just run stock settings and
be done with it!

Doh! did I say that?

Any help is greatly apprecaited.
You could always set-up Seti on a separate partition, this way it is always ready to go even after a Windows re-install. Also if you are pushing your machines so hard as to have crashes within Seti, you could be returning corrupt WU's. You really need to establish stability before running Seti, as damaged or corrupt data defeats the point of doing the WU.

To test stability you might like to test for 24Hrs with Prime 95. For graphics use 3DMark on a loop, and for Seti try the Benchmark WU. I personally stress any new OC for atleast 12Hrs before even attempting a new WU and have been suprised when Seti has produced errors, even when passing the other tests.
I had similar problems, and it was just one FSB click to high, lower just a little, and you'll be fine.
Yep, had the same problem with a machine last week.
Tried to get just a tad too much out of it.
I ended up losing about 2 WU, so it wasnt a big loss.
Backed it down 2 MHz on the FSB and all is fine.

Thats one of the adventures of OC'ing, pushing the fine line of what will, and what wont run.

Hang in there, youre not the only one trying to get ahead.
OK, you guys are right, but your not getting my question.

My question is:

When you get that odd "processing at 100% but nothing gets
done glitch", what's the best way to recover.

I've been overclocking since FSBs ran at 33 or 40 and those
were your only options! The only thing that's odd about this
P4 overclock is that I'm getting Floating Point errors on things,
but I can crunch Prime95 Torture Test all night long and it's
rock solid!

I'm really just looking for a way to get a SETI client back up and
running when a crash corrupts it. And also whats the fastest way
to get it up and running again?

For example. Berkeley is down right now. So how to I install
and get SETI running on this machine if I can't hit "2" and give
it my E-mail addy? There has got to be a pertinent file that I can
just copy over to get that going.

Same thing for a crash. How do I just delete the corrupted WU
and the all the EXEs just in case, then replace them without
having to sit there and hit "2" and type [email protected]
50 times till it connects?

See what I was getting at now?
just copy your setidriver folder elsewhere on your hard disk
if something goes bung and resets
just delete the bad setidriver folder and replace with the backup

might lose the 5% before it crashed,but you dont sacrifice a whole unit/s