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Lot of people cheering IWILL about their fast response to a problem

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Feb 2, 2001
Sorry but I can't be one.

I called a few dealers and none of them have heard anything about a recall.
SEEMS that IWILL is letting the users mess with the problems.
I do not like this, think of the person who buys one with a duron and after the warranty is out, they buy a shiny new 1.3 and what!!! send it back for only $$.$$ and you will fix it ? FIX WHAT??? what are you talking about?

I wish they had recalled all the boards and not just let the user try and figure it out.

But I am glad they did not try and sweep this under the rug.

Look at abit and their VT6X4 POS motherboard and their what problems.
we can't find anything wrong...oh by the way we discontinued support for that old thing.

So i goodie for IWILL but no cigar..

I sort of agree, it's also odd that the problem was realized on or before the 5th of this month and nothing was said until the 13th. Still, seems like they've got a good gauge on things and most people who buy a board to put it in themselves will have enough since to check online for known issues. Vendors who build systems around this board will see the problem right away in most cases and return the boards.
We may not approve of they're methods but you have to admit they ponied up and took the blame by admitting there was a problem. So often nowadays vendors and manufacturers will take the high road and refuse to admit to anything. They use the Eddie Murphy philosophy of "It wasn't me. Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?"

I prefer someone who admits a mistake even if the method isn't perfect. I believe there are those who have dealt with other Mobo Manuf. who will tell you this is a breath of fresh air.
Yes I have to agree. The first ASUS board that went bad on me I called and could not find anyone there who spoke english. Can you tell me the phone no of the American repair site. 10 minutes later and 4 people and I found out this was the American repair site.

Abit, might as well call home for all the support you get.
THEY will not admit a problem if it bit them in the ***.
If this were a consumer product (e.g. a car) I would agree.

In this case we are dealing with an industry that operates on very slim margins and that is rather sophisticated (no KK266 in my mother's Dell). The cheers are more because of the examplary nature of Iwill's conduct in an environment that is characterized by denial and "sitting things out", than for the program itself.

You can say what you want this company is showing some ethical behavior that is almost absent in this industry.

As someone else had written: "I hope it's contageous", and the other mobo manufacturers will listen up when they hear how Iwill customers appreciate Iwill's openness.

So far, I can't exactly rave about their RMA policy. I sent the RMA request form in, and haven't heard from them yet, and when I called for an RMA number, the RMA guy was out and never called back. I also saw it quoted that supposedly only 30 of these boards made it past quality control, but from the articles and posts I've seen, the number is way higher.