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Lots of information but I'm still confused...

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Mar 11, 2003
I have been scanning over the water cooling threads quite a bit lately as I have decided to take the plunge and give it a try. The system I will be using is a P4/2.6 on an Asus P4P800/dlx. I currently have this beast on air and its a rock at 3.4. I do not expect too much more in the way of speed forthe over clock but since I know what this set up is capable of the next step would be to try water. From what I have read so far it seems a good water block is a must. I have read about many types and styles. Homemade vs. prefab etc. Im no machinist so I will opt to purchase one. So that is the first question. What is a good block(bang for the buck as the main rule I adhere to is cost effectiveness)? This will be, since it is my first attempt, a very simple set up. One block for the CPU, a radiator, a pump(questions about that will come),and a reservior(if needed). Ok, So I need good advice on a water block and a radiator. I'm considering trying my luck at the local junk yard and perhaps rustle up a radiator/heatercore I could make use. I dont have any plans at this stage to make the system 'pretty' at this stage. Now, the pump. I have several H.O.T. aquarium pumps. (I can just hear the groans now, right?) These push 275gph into half inch tubes. These are NOT spill way pumps but are the kind that suck in water thru a tube and blow it out thru another tube. I certainly realize that I could spend lots of cash for some 'better' pumps but cost is an issue. The pumps I have also have large reserviors in them that will self bleed. I plan to spend the little bit of cash I have on a good block. Of course the question is will the pump I have be reliable? IMHO yes. I have had other identical pumps in use in my aqariums for 5 years or more. So as far as that aspect the pumps will run. But those are aquariums NOT water cooling sets.....

Ok lets see what you all think. Thanks for the help and advice in advance.