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Loud Fan Vibration

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New Member
Jan 19, 2001
I've noticed the last few days a pretty significant noise from my computer. I initially thought it was my HDD getting ready to go out, but upon closer analysis it turned out to be the Power Supply and further more, I believe the fan in the power supply. The reason I say this is because I can change the pitch of the sound by pressing the fan grill against the fan while the sound/vibration is occuring. I took the power supply apart to see if anything was loose and further tightened down any and every screw, then threw it all back together and it seemed to take care of the problem but then the horrific noise reared its ugly head again so this time I put thin cork stickies between the fan and the power supply box and the power supply box and the computer frame. This seems to lessen the occurance of the vibration but its still there!

Is my analysis correct that it is the power supply fan? If so then is the fan going out?
If not is the power supply going out? Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thank You for your posts
Many of these computer grade fans are sleeve bearing types which wear out occasionally. Even the ball bearing versions occasionally have a bearing freeze up, and then they are off balance and make a racket. Wouldn't surprise me if that is what you are hearing!
take the fan out and pull the sticker off the back and put some lube on the bearing ,it will shut it up ,put the sticker or some tape back on to keep the dust out
No matter what you do, any warranty or guarantee are going to be off the PSU when you open it. Try surlyjoe's suggestion. If that doesn't do it, find yourself a ballbearing 80mm or 92mm fan as your supply dictaes, and replace it.
my fans are loud aswell it was just they were too loose so i tightened them that may not help you but....yeah.....and the guy above me is nuts hes afraid to void his warentee i think oc'ing voids it aswell.....i was being sarcastic of course it does i dont think very many people in this forum are concerned about their warentee?
Try to turn off a CPU's fan also.
My ThermalTake once sounded pretty bad, but for a few days I suspected fan from the power adaptor. So try to turn CPU's fan off for a few secs. and if it is - put some oil into the bearing.

Maybe this will help