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Loud Fans ! Instant noise reduction.

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Da Whip

Senior Member
Feb 2, 2001
Sunny Florida, you can keep the midwest!!
Check this link from the Heatsink Guide.
Go to the section on making your fans silent. Its so simple why didn't I think of it. Tried it on my old pc that has a 120 Sunon 108cfm fan and a 92 Sunon fan. I swear it knocked the noise down. It also cuts your cfm by 40%, but who needs 108cfm 60+ cfm should be sufficient.
And I just layed out $60+ for the Panaflos. (Ouch)
I don't think it is a good idea lowering the voltage of a CPU fan because you may over heat the chip, aspecaly if you are over clocking it as well.

How ever if you are not, and the heat sink and fan are larger than you need, it will not casue much harm.
Well that is the same as if you were running a fan bus in your system. I built my fanbus a few monts ago using 7volts and 12volts. At idle I keep her running at 7v's, you cant even hear the case fans at all then. All I here is my Alpha HSF (which should be gone shortly, talked the wife into letting me get water cooling!). Although with this 86w pelt on the cpu as the temps outside have been warming up, I noticed while gaming I need to open the door and crank the fans up to 12v's to make it 100% stable. Other wise I tend to get a lock up every now and then. But while idling it runs perfect with the fans set to 7v's.
This 800 while overclocked to 1000mhz needs to be kept at the highest in the middle 20c's to remain stable.
Thats where I believe the water cooling is gonna benefit big time. I plan on keeping the system outside of the case so the system should never really get much above room temps. And the cpu should get very cold cause I dont have to worry about the HSF not being able to carry the heat away as good do to the case temp getting so high.